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ahh youtube. i upload videos pretty much every week. some are private for the student to see but not ready for prime time. there are others that are prime time and they're on the youtube channel but i think people would be surprised at some of the things there and this might be a way to get more eyes on the channel. some student work real hard to get a video up and they're awesome. sometimes i'm trying to do a music video or just trying something cool but non musical or someone sends me a link that's way cool. that's what's going on here.

i plan to flush this all out over the holidays. for now bookmark this link to my youtube page.

bamboo music youtube channel

i post new things now and then when i have time. i also occasionally post things other than music. friends send me links, etc and all that will show up here from time to time.






brand new video

abby schull / video by shannon latham



picture this

studio one

get an eye full



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