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welcome to bamboonews. it's a glimpse into the life of a musician in the triangle area of north carolina, usa. there's information on my students, professional friends, my musical life and more. it's purpose is to inspire my students to work hard..grow as musicians..and show them off to my pro friends and see what we can all do together. we also highly support live and original music and encourage you to do the same wherever you live.



this edition of bamboonews features a slightly new look and a different way to navigate around. what ya need to do is click on the links on the left of the page to go to the different sections...and they will be on separate pages. so clicking on "gigs / special events", etc takes you there. it won't be a long scroll down the page like before. my plan is to be able to update the separate pages and you'll find past stuff linked from those pages. i added some other menu links at the top of this and all the news page links like new audio and new video. each will be updated frequently. picture this still works and looks the same. please keep supporting live, local, and original music wherever and whenever you can. it's an investment of time and money that pays off for everyone in more ways than one. you help grow the culture in your's a win-win. thanks for reading bamboonews.

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