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almost every day i am recording someone or recording myself. i record students on a zoom h2. it's compact, versatile, handy. the quality is controlled a lot by mic placement. other than that it can grab a batch of noise. i tend to drag the audio home and dump it onto an imac. i drag it into garage band and start to tweak a little. like most things in do it often and with a sense of purpose and you will probably get better at it over time. the guitar,bass, singing,....the tennis............practice won't make perfect but it will get you real close. so me and the h2 are getting better over are my students and getting to hear the growth is a cool part of it all. i usually send mp3s to parents and students and friends at 3am. by that time i'm a huge fan. when i'm 5 feet away watching their fingers and hands...listening to their vocal melody...or eyeballing a chart i scribbled and i forget what that arrow and squiggle line means.............i can't really take it all in at that moment. my mind is processing a ton of data and i'm outa ram. at 2am in my hoarders studio at home with cans on i can really, really hear and i'm tweaking up a bit of verb and bass and such. then i hear what's going on and it's an amazing experience for me. sometimes it's someone improvising and getting better at it.....someone killing a song they had been working on....or the many, many original songs some of these people drop on me day after day. i need more people to hear what sets me off and keeps me inspired to teach. sometimes a note is in the wrong place but the heart of it was might get a tad loose in the bridge...or is that the right key to sing that in? i also have friends who record, release cds, i have stuff...we all have stuff people need to hear. so this section will include things like that. as i'm writing this i've decided to turn it over often....things might be here for a few weeks or a month but they will be replaced so it would be cool to check them now and then.

jim savage / in the great hall
brand new

celina ehrlich

celina did this at her lesson...she's 11 going on 25.


mark mckee

mark sent this around a few weeks ago. he played all the instruments and the vocalist is chad lister..


here's a track she offered as a free download


sweet love

celina ehrlich

she recorded this at home and posted it to soundcloud.

turning tables






picture this

studio one

get an eye full



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