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natalia had a chance to be heard by a lot of people this year....everyone loved her.
and meredith haight....who we all love moved outa town for awhile.....please come back soon.

sally martin performed a lot this past year and made serious moves on her musical future.

john teer was seen teaching a lesson in music and how to really enjoy spring.  his band
chatham county line had a terrific year as they traveled the globe and played music and made money.

that's david dyer....songwriter....super guy.....had a great year.  this photo from the spring
was used in a european music trade magazine and he also came close to the top 10 on radio there.

the crooked smile band from last spring at a gig in burlington, nc.

big mama e started in on the bands 3rd cd this year due out sometime late spring.

now for some new student who dat time.  this is mckenna fellows.

smart, works hard, smiles a lot, and loves star trek.  a winner.

this guy is not new but doing well and will be performing soon.  mike miller.

he's got his improvising chops all buffed up and is about to launch his musical carreer.

this is andrew brown.....also about to step out and thrash through the music.

andrew recently visited a local studio along with brenda mccauley (l) and allison smith (middle).

we dropped in on 313 recording in morrisville.

got to check out the gear and the vibe.

jeff creed owner of 313 gave us some time and gave these young talented players a chance
to smell the future.  i expect we'll be in there next year making some music.  stay tuned.

more brains than one human needs.....more cool than is normally possible.

morgan habig.  guitar player and singer coming soon.

ardonna biel is getting better and better.

she's working with rachel will and down the road.....this ones gonna be super.

check this guy out....aaron dubiansky.  right now he's got a heck of a thing going on guitar.
he's being taught by brenda mccauley.  this cat is going to be dynamite.

way bright, way this face.

michelle lewandowski can sing and 6 months....

and she's awesome.  expect big things and large grins.

chloe lablanc is also getting things tuned up for the future.

easy going.....can do attitude.....great style.

these guys made some real good noise the first of the year and will make more soon.  south port

dana momeyer sang, played, and smiled her way through a bunch of tunes this year.

ahh.......the old days at the six string.....they are missed.

rachel huang continued to move forward in music and life.

this year rolled by fast.  i saw one concert this year....pat metheny and friends last month at duke.

i made it to the fair since we last talked........

monkey mayhem everywhere....sounds, smells....usually realy good, tons of people.

things to catch your eye......

and things to win your sweety.

there was old stuff to look at everywhere.

right after i took this photo i leaned back and let out a full blast tarzan yell...........

the elephant trumpeted and bolted for the parking lot.  it was really cool.  wild kingdom time.

i made a trip to ohio to visit my really old kickin momma and my fathers gravesite.
it's a small town with an almost disney-like built in charm.  my mom says i alway bring nice weather.

i crossed rivers........

drove through tunnels........

fall was just getting started.

back here fall really fell.........and i had spent some time looking for colors.

all the trees and leaves.............

made for one beautiful fall this year.

i spent a little time with a friend on thanksgiving and if you click on the shot below
you'll get a feel for almost being there with me.  i took a sequence of photos and stiched them up.

to really get a view of this photo....not taken by me on the image below and
marvel at your tax dollars at work.  it was taken via satilite i think last winter.  the detail is freaky.

personally....i'd rather see my tax money used for this type of science than some new bunker buster
smart bomb but we don't need to go there now.  here are some cosmic eye candy shots.

you paid for it...........the big eye in the enjoy the view.

ladys and gentleman.............the sun!  let's hear it for the big kahonna!

and the rovers on mars are still sending back daily shots like these of a close up on a
new discovered martian patio.

finally........merry christmas........happy holidays.......etc!

stay tuned for more next year..........happy new year!

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