guitar / bass / voice / keyboard / song writing / performance

ken weigand

my monthly fee is a flat rate of $140.00.

i start with a 6 week trial run with each new student. the fee is $30.00 per 30 minutes payable per lesson during the trial run.

if we both decide it's working out we shift to the flate monthly rate.

i teach fundamentals of music. there are goals that need to be obtained to play any instrument. part of the process is learning to understand the formula of scales and chord progressions, sing, write songs, perform, record, and interact with other musicians at all levels. i've had students and friends play around the world, perform on every late night tv show, be nonimated for grammys, and are the coolest people on earth. performances are held at the north carolina museum of art and various venues around the triangle area of north carolina. i'm lucky to have great professional friends who enjoy helping me inspire students to higher levels of music and performance. i'm a singer who has played guitar and bass since 1962.

if this sounds like the kind of growth and learning you would enjoy please contact me.


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