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Initial fees are $25.00 for a 30 minute private lesson.....payed per week for a
6 week trial run and evaluation.  At the end of the 6 weeks a decision would be
made between the teacher and student as to the future relationship. If everyone is on
the same page as to practice and commitment a full time slot is offered.........
the general commitment lasts 2-3-4 years or until the student reaches their goals. 
The fee for the full time slot is a flat monthly rate of $120.00 to be paid the
first lesson of each month.  

Method includes ear training, practical music theory, basic chord and
strumming techniques for guitarists.......along with long term goals sometimes
established for song writing, performing, recording if the individual has a talent and
is self motivated and goal oriented.  

Bass students receive ear training, rhythm skill development, technique,
and stay goal driven to play all styles.  As with the guitarist......if the student shows
potential and good work habits they will be working towards the goals of being
 involved with other students in their efforts for original writing and performing.  

Voice students receive basic breathing and scale exercises, detail training in
dynamics, control, and technique.  For the gifted singer....goals are established to
perform, and record to provide the student with an application of their skills. 
Within reason all styles are on the table. If your goal is death metal, screech
weasel, goth......non vocal screaming..kinda gutteral  ...don't bother to contact me. 
If you want to sing.......like a human.......to communicate with the power
of the human voice with all of it's subtleties and power to evoke emotion.......get in touch.

Song writing is a development skill that encourages students to write
complete songs.  Recording, performing, and copyrighting their work is the main priority.

As for performance skills.....my personal background as a player
along with my history and involvement in the music scene at various levels gives
me a chance to visually and sound wise know what is effective and works in the
public arena to obtain a following and success.  You have to "look-act-appear"
like you know what you're doing......then musically be well able to back it up. 
How you conduct yourself on and off the stage is critical to any performers
 success at any level.  Understanding the dynamics between you the
performer and the audience and the listener is part of the training.

Sometimes kids are simply too young to tackle the discipline it takes to learn to
play an instrument.  If there seems to be some light in that tiny brain...some desire beyond
the norm and maybe talent.......then we should talk.  The norm is to say 10 is the youngest
and honestly it seems to be true.  Co-ordination i.e.; motor skills along with the ability to think
a little bit abstractly is sometimes not always there at a younger age.  I've seen amazing things
from a few 9-10 year olds but only from a few and the talent was there along with some serious
poise and gray matter.  In most of those cases I've found it easier to have them spend a few years
working with one of the many talented teenagers hanging around bamboo music.  character, scholarship,
and a cup-cake soul are what they're all about.  Your son or daughter would do well to emulate
what these select kids do.....not only musically but in their lives. Over time, as the
young student develops........based on an individuals talent and potential.......
my personal involvement grows with a main goal of them becoming one of my
permanent full time students.  Fees are $120.00 per month.......commitment from
our end is the same along with a six week trial and continual growth a priority or
we end the relationship.  Not all young kids are born to be musicians or to work
hard enough to play an instrument.   The ones that have are well taken care of in
 this situation and flourish.  I can only ask that you browse the website and look for
what appears to be teenagers........they are only in years.  They're amazing people who
have worked hard and represent the future of this community and beyond.  If you see
some adults who look like they might have a day job they are also cool folks.  They
also work hard, have families, live hectic lives.......but they play music and are always
learning.  Ya gotta respect that.  Most of the pros are obvious with their own websites
and successful careers.  In most cases I do or have played with them and in others
I have so much respect for their talent and their character and personalities I really
believe more people should know them.  I also think young musicians need to
be aware of the talent level here in town......and those pros also have all
enjoyed getting to know and at times play music with my younger students.
Since most students are around for 3-5 years or more it's important to work
with good people and keep the right attitude for growth.....that means work harder
than most and have more fun learning than you ever imagined.


Rachel Will


© copyright 2006 ken weigand  .  bamboo music