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big time
big day

plays her
heart out
on a big

kooka booth amphitheater in cary....the carolina acoustic music festival.  nice day.
rachel will is my student and she teaches paige and two other young talented people.

that's allison smith seated with guitar and a friend while rachel does the first sound check.

rachel was set to perform and then she was set to have two of her super stus playing music.

paige berrier getting ready for her sound check being assisted by joe levitin.

paige is 13 and is pushing 35.  she stunned me with an original tune.

she told me it came from a poem she wrote "a few years ago".

more brains than one human needs.....more cool than is normally possible.

rock on sister......and keep up the good work and sense of humor.

allison smith also performed and here she is at the sound check.

poise.  attitude.  skills.  11.  amazing.  getting on her game face.

there were bands on the big stage.......all day.

and it all happened because of big daddy dave sardinha ( l ) and joe levitin ( r ).  thanks gents.

new stus.........time to show off some new peeps.  this is bassist...claire louise jordan.

going to college and taking bass lessons.  super smart....and super cool.

finger style super dude david moretto and i have been hanging for several weeks and
he's making me think and certainly making me smile with his music and brain power.

talk about brain power....11y/o caroline campbell has picked it all up as fast as anyone i've had.

she's been advancing at light speed.  a swimmer, a baseball announcer, assertive as
anyone on the challange to think it then nail it on the learning curve.  give us a few years.  watch this.

manon.  6.  feisty.  smart.  i'm learning to teach all over again....but i believe in this one.

i also believe in lauren kijewski.  she's a new vocal student who will suprise everyone.

down the road you'll hear a lot about her.......and a lot from her.

and from this guy andrew brown.....stay tuned for mr big time.  next time there's music and more
on this guy.  i have 4 recordings of his playing to edit and more photos coming.

 last sunday afternoon in chapel hill.  people, people, people....

more festifall.  i was playing with my main squeeze...big mama e and the cool.

there was live music everywhere.



tons-o-cool stuff.

and tons of really cool people.

a few weekends ago i played with the crooked smile band at the nc museum of art.

during the sound check i got to wander around trying out some new settings and new lenses.

dave dyer......the big cheese tuning up.

string master drew lile.

he played guitar and banjo.

he's a bmoc around the area and plays anything with strings....really well..

fran dyer........our resident stud muffin.

he's a dad, a drummer, a producer, a composer, and a super guy to work with.

brooding, tortured soul kinda guy..................not really.  funny as all get out.  super musician.

i dig the kit.

jim crew on keys.......

same deal.......talent oozing from every pore.

he is...da man.  un-assuming....humble.....loaded with skills an cred.

here's dave and one of the members of "kicking grass".

we shared the bill with them and i got a few shots during the sound check.

putting final touches on the stage sound and crew were great to work with.

it's a rare chance to get to wander around a stage and photograph someones long bow.

i played a stand up in high school......owned one in my early 30's.  sold it for rent money.  major blunder.

and love the instrument to this day.

freak outttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaahhhhh!!!!!!!  prepare for halloween.........!

i just wanted to reboot your system a won't bite......but you can bite this....
12 pork shoulders cooking for 14 hours at a private gig big mama e and the cool got to play recently.
can ya smell that?!  dinner was one hour away and they raised the lid for me to show you the feast.

this dog was waiting in line and dreaming about it.

back stage i walked inside for a moment to take a few shots and loved the light.

later...........thanks for looking in on my musical life.

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