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drew lile
and the


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kick off the


we arrived around 9:30am to set up.  that's real early for a musician.....but worth it.

here's team captain dave crooked smile himself.....doing the dirty work.

the glamour of being in a band.......yea right.  laying cables, lifting, tweaking, sweating....

here's drew and fran dyer watching allyn love explain an e flat demented 9 #13 chord on his pedal steel....

dr love......allyn tuning his rig before game time.

fran dyer with his new doo.

his rig.

some young ladys from wimpies in whiteville stopped by to say hello.
the band played there last new years eve.  they're ecu fans.  they also like the crooked smile band.

more cables......more wires.  both dave and drew are ecu alumz.  them some proud boys right there.

drew lile doing a final few tweaks.

  to keep everyones spirits high the ecu cheerleaders wandered by and let out a yell.
we hadn't played a note and things were rockin and rollin.  yee haaa!

this guy was one of the head dudes who kept all the alums happy.

and this woman shook a lot of hands as well and kept the crowd buzzing.

camera guyz were everywhere.

eatin time during the break.  drew is a good eater.  one of his jobs in the band is to seek out the chow.

then we told allyn that he was eating possum fritters.....not chicken...  hey it's apparently an ecu thing.

the food was great and as we drove away at game time the stadium was filling up.  they killed duke.

if you show up for a guitar lesson lookin good you get dragged outside and shot at.

martha williams....up close and personal.

i spent some time with elan lloyd....and my new camera.

she's got a new orleans background so she was thinking about a few friends....

allison smith.......12 years old and loaded with dynamite.

she's going to play a small local gig in october.

and.....a lot of big gigs in the futute.  all talent, poise, and personality.

room with a view

a semi rainy beach weekend

we stayed on the 10th floor.

i tried out my zoom and shot from the rain cloud could dampen my day.

i've learned that the creative muse can lead you down many paths and you can learn in many ways.

just keep your head up and your eyes and ears open.  i spent time shooting passing birds.

it was worth it.

the storms kept coming in over and over.  but these few hours of clear skys made the weekend.

a windy night........the pool......a lot of breeze.......

then....a nice few hours on sat.  this resturaunt is called the cottage.  the food and vibe was really cool.

in this situation my little hand-held pocket 5 mega pix camera is unobtrusive.

i don't feel like a total camera dweeb when i pull it in this small shop near the beach.

as for my new magic digital capture device....i've been dropping tons o bucks on lenses.

and still realizing i pretty much have a lot to learn.....about a lot.

and still figuring out my new rig.

frisbee golf anyone?

finally...........don't bug me...........

for one reason or another i've found myself with a camera in hand and encountered a lot of insects lately.


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