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a few weekends ago songwriter dave dyer played in pittsboro, nc at the general store.
he was joined by bernie petteway.......seen tuning up before the gig....and myself on bass.

the place is quaint, artsy, and the food and service are super.

it's basically on the square in downtown pittsboro.

i got there early for a free dinner and had time to wander with the camera.

it's in an old auto dealer building.

the place is an eye candy mecca with artwork everywhere by local and regional artists.

the music only adds to the vibe...and the group is anxious to go back...see you there next time.

wild man...aaron dubiansky....7 and built for speed and a musical future.

don't let the youth fool you....he can out play and out think most people 2-3 times his age.

no this face for some super music in due time.  quick...what's the 5 in the key of d?

speaking of musical futures.....allison smith certainly has one.

she's started recording with me lately.

her voice and guitar work makes you forget her age...see her perform live and you'll never forget her.

one of my long time students penny poteat has become one well rounded guitar player.

she's always been my best melody player...ears and mind like a steel trap.

she's also been one of the many super people i've been privileged to work with.

super star in the making....paige berrier.  she's been recording a lot lately.  listen
she's got the most heart felt vocal style i've been around in awhile...sings from her soul.

brilliant....funny....charming....a winner.

paige is truely on target for music and in life.

double trouble....pauline and michelle ro.  sisters on a beyond belief.

pauline is a singer with a dancers style....once this young woman get's it all together you'll flip.

she's a new vocal student with magic.

michelle....has a serious future as a songwriter.  no joke...amazing stuff.

no competitiveness here....simply a lot of support and mutual admiration.

michelle left for college but will be back later this will love her music.

michel miller has hit it big.....a new artisit for bamboo music.

you're looking at the face of a super smart dude....and his musical ability is growing fast.

watch this smile and wait until you hear his guitar work....much more coming soon.

a few weeks ago i did a gig with dave dyer back at artspace in raleigh.

dave has a live recording project coming this fall and we're doing a little wood shedding.

he and bernie petteway came by recently and we tweaked some arrangements of daves songs.

da man.

speaking of da man.....this is chris wear.  classical player and performer going jazz...

his website is forming and he wanted some new photos so we hooked up.

chris is a terrific player, young dude and teacher.

meanwhile....back in costa rica....chillin on the beach at la paloma lodge in drake bay.

the place i stayed was on a steep hillside overlooking drake bay on the west coast.

the beach area was very private.

i spent hour after hour there contemplating my navel and wandering with the camera.

to have time here alone made it seem like paradise.

the evenings made for a super light show.

i tried a lot of combinations of settings to capture the moment.

each moment is unique....any sunset watcher will tell you.

the sky constantly changes and the "wow" moments never end....if you're paying attention.

next time....i plan to share the small life that lives there. 

..and the big life that seemed to be everywhere.

big mama e & the cool played a recent benefit show in greensboro, nc.  that's olly roberts,
paul cooper, and one big fan of the band all yakin it up before game time.

big mama e was one of several groups peforming a set to raise money for a fellow musician in need.

i took time to work on my band shooting skills in dim light.  the music was rockin and the crowd
enjoyed a very unusual sunday afternoon.  sometimes...when ya gotta dance ya gotta dance.

this band was called the ladies auxiliary.  this woman..mother with 5 kids..can rock the house.

i was told at one time it was an all female band.

a drummer left...a new rhythm section came in.

you should hear this woman sing...major pipes and played guitar.

the band had it goin on.  all through this section i'd suggest you play some crankin music
while you view this to get the full effect.  play the music loud.

this momma can play some blues.

this is lauren and the band is easy bake.

i've seen and heard her over the years as a drummer and didn't realize she was a total rock star.

the band was totally smokin.

i worked all around the stage and tried my best to capture the vibe in the room.

lauren rocks.

the whole band was intense.

the last band was the hall monitors.

this guy is the walrus.....the band is full of regional super stars.

very eclectic set from old beatles to pink floyd....done impeccably well.

so that's the blind cool club in greensboro we hope hope to play again soon.

this is levon. one cool cat.

he's a love monkey and can't ever get enough hand time.

i was trying to shoot without a flash.

and might have learned a few grooming tips....lick your nose.


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