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tori amos
in concert

sally martin
natalia torres
on the side.


regency park in cary held the tori amos show a few weeks ago.  the six string cafe
has dibs on a side stage in the vip tent and sponsers local artists to perform before and after
the bigger acts.  when i was asked if i had a few performers around who could do the show
i thought about these two.....natalia torres (l) and sally martin (r).  both are long time
bamboo music cats with the right stuff for the vibe of the gig.  i went along for the ride.

both of them walked down and got back stage....i stayed out here and took a few shots then
found out some large man was about to come out and confiscate my camera or use it to perform
some odd surgical procedure on my needless to say i put it away.

during the week before this concert i had arranged for both natalia and sally to get some demos done.

we went to crew cuts........jim crews studio in raleigh.....that's jim setting things up.

i was super impressed with how natalia walked in, played 6 tunes top to bottom, and never lost her cool.

the light was low and i was shakey but i liked these of her.

she's a very charming young woman with a very, very bright future.

i took a few outside after the session.

her mother maria was along and looks pretty proud of her talented daughter.

a few days later i went back with sally martin and my brand new flash unit.  i was also trying
out manual focusing rather than the auto.  jim crew was unaware camera foder and i caught his ear listening.

we did a late night deal and sally cut 5 tunes in an hour.  fast and amazing.

i took these of sally last spring.

the fun for me at the show was watching peoples reactions to their music.  both of them had their
glad handing skills way tuned up as they had new fan after new fan ask for a few minutes of face time
and several demos and autographs exchanged hands.

this is milli.  bass player.  way, way smart.  she's been working with andrew berrier for the past
two years and now that andrew's off to college i get to work with milli.  she's cool and i'm working to
put her together with a singer/songwriter to start to head towards the stage.  stay tuned.

sallie branch stopped in for her lesson before heading off to a v.i.p party with heads of joke.

this is nikayla.  this young lady will be a fire breather on guitar in the next few years.

super bright and a super can do attitude.

a few weekends ago i rode in the back on a road trip to northern virginia.  i waited patiently for this
new bridge near richmond.  i tried the "action-sports" setting on my new camera and hung like a fool
out of the rear window going 80mph.  ya only live i snapped a few to see what i'd get.

i had hoped to get one of this building right next to the interstate....zooming by at 65mph.

another time i looked up and saw this bottled water reflection.

so i also just bought a new lens and was trying it out.

just one with the old camera at dinner recently.  my old one is smaller,
 more compact, and the perfect camera for a non-obtrusive shot now and then. 

i said i'm shooting anything that moves or not.  wait until next time.....


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