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a few months ago i went out to "koka booth" in cary and checked out some buds throwin down

some funk and uber grooves.

children of the horn is a brain child project of wayne leechford.

some people from the triangle jazz society.

a few featured teen jazzers.

here's a video....which gives you a moment to hear them...

ed butler on drums.......certainly the man for funk to punk.

bernie petteway on guitar....also a very multi-faceted super talented musician.

robo jones on the bone........

brian mccune on trumpet with attitude and digital effects.

jim crew on the b-3....every position covered.

it's showtime!  aaron dubiansky.....a legend is born.  he floored people.

he opened the april showcase and.... like no 8 y/o i've ever met or played with...aaron lit up the room.

i had been telling my students to watch for this guy as he would be debuting a long career as a musician,
maybe a car designer, maybe cure cancer....i've also may never have met anyone as cool.

manon.....wide open and working hard.

8 and a half.......doing the stirring classic....baaa baaa black sheep.  watch for this one.

nikki cook....singing and playing by age 10.

she's a student of brenda and pulled off a winning performance at the show.

check out the chord......acoustic.....10.....wahoo.

libby anderson doing her thing.....

she can rock and she can roll.

pauline ro singing up a storm....along with elizabeth on guitar and alex you on bass.

paige berrier workin out on vocals...that's sheveta on keys and mckenna on guitar.

grant forester played in the third showcase this year.  he's a student of mark mckee.

sean donohue did some original music.

he's an actor, a guitar player, a singer, and a songwriter.  nice.  keep an eye on him.

natalia torres gained some new fans and cast her spell on the crowd.

she used to perform a few years ago at the showcase at the old six string....sounds better than ever.

mark mckee and mike mckee played some tunes from their cd and showed real pro skills and vibe.

check them out....the motion......and stay tuned for more.

elizabeth is crankin.......playing...singing...writing music.

she's new to the artist page and has a video gettin hit often.

wide open......and full of energy.  yeehaw and you'll hear a lot about her down the road.

here's someone you'll know all about down the road....abby schull.

we've only been hanging for about 8 weeks....she already wrote and played a tune.

talented, smart, way cool, and very creative and motivated.

a real 'can do' attitude...more soon.

savannah currens is new....and crankin on guitar.

she's new and headed for the board.

smart, athletic, and....headed for the stage.

josh english dropped by and played me some music.  super talent.

he's a friend of a friend of a student and does christian music.  click the photo for a listen.

expect to hear him at an up-coming showcase.  josh english....remember the name.

mckenna has had a very productive and musical summer.

she's been working on piano.......

reading music..........

workin on bars.....

and keepin up with her cool vibe.

sisters with attitude.  the kijewski girls are ready to rock the house at the next showcase.



they've been working on some pop singing and some groove moves.

and like typical siblings.....they have different opinions...

and unlike some siblings...these two are super fun to be around.  catch them soon.

a few months ago alec sturgis dropped in at jim crews place to demo a few tunes.

jim tweaked knobs and ear-balled the recording.

i just stood around....

i stayed out of the way.

expect big things.....alec sturgis.....coming soon.

cyril lance had his band at artsplosure in raleigh back in may.

dave mccrackin on b-3.

dan the man davis on drums.

steve clark on bass.

great show......always is.

aw's the shucks....a regional batch of super stars doing some hot rockin music.

you can click here and watch a video I took at the last moment....the shucks live.

mike edwards on smiles and guitar......billie karel doing vocal magic.

mr allyn love on pedal steel....and travis creed on acoustic and vocals.

al felton on bass and kelly biggers on drums.

'slims' was a pretty cool place.  a long skinny bar with really loud good bands.

awe shucks.....more soon.

the steve howell band......the dude.....steve howell.

click this image for a video of their last song.

a regional all-weather bass man.....pee wee watson.

scott miller on lead guitar with a real sweet gretch.

doc love.....allyn love on pedal steel.

john heames on a 6 string bass.

jeff ' jd ' dennis on drums.

you need to check this band out and the hideaway bbq up on capitol balived in raleigh south of the beltline.

here's a few shots taken by bamboo music correspondent and cool cat johanna salo.

oohh...i get it......she's getting

and rock and roll.  johanna style.'s eye candy yer eyes.  from the 4th..

kkkkkhaaak......niner niner this is pim airways calling....over?


oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee......SNAKE.  a shot by andy kauffman

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeee.......a shot by me at the pet store...the pet pad.

i played a gig down at moore square and tried one shot on each store front.

be cool.....if you can...................during this hot summer time.


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