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watch this sign....the six string cafe is "open" for bizness.  they are sharing a space with helios
for a short time then will open upstairs.  i played there a few weeks ago and got a taste of the future.

i lucked out by having several students and friends show up and sample the venue.

it's a small stage....for now....with large potential.

here's david sardinha ( six string owner ) and david glenn dyer before the gig.

i played with dave and mr guitar....bernie petteway.

singer/songwriter paige berrier was in the house.

along with wonder boy...musician grant barnes

and their goomba laura.

feed me........

also in the room was joe with a new band but the same super smile and attitude.

there were several new people i met....who came out......she'll kill me for forgetting her name.

...and this i think was mary j blige who told me to talk to the hand when i tried to snap one.
she...if it was her....really did enjoy the music.  she even took some pictures you might see soon.

a few weeks ago big mama e & the cool were back at the blue bayou in hillsborough.

mr olly roberts fine tuning....

dan davis subtly telling me to get the camera out of his face..

emma chatting with super songwriter todd jones.

and hanging with club owner gary lee

the club is small but perfect for rock and roll.

the band is going back in the expect another blast...

ryan block is one happnin guitar guy.

he's back excelling in music on guitar and on drums.

super smart....super cool.....a super cupcake.  more soon.

lauren mulleady is also crankin it up.

she's started to really grasp some theory and she can play along on most anything.

you'll hear more about her in the future as she and i start some vocal work.

you'll certainly hear more from and about lauren kijewski.

she's got pop diva potential...

is working on some recordings....

and as you can see is one fun cat to work with.  you're gonna love this.

it's a's a's a ban-jar or a guit-jo.

it's super dave.....dave moretto.  we've been working together for about a year.

he's always bringing in killer gear and his playing, singing, and songwriting is about ready for prime time.

expect dave to be on the roster when we crank up the shows this fall.

finally lani van der meer has been writing some new songs...dealing with life..and gaining fans.

her song free bird is featured as ear candy this time...for good reasons.  more soon.

my costa rica vacation destination was the la paloma lodge in the jungle.

after a plane ride, a jiggly car ride, and a boat ride we arrived in paradise.

a walk/hike got us steamed and sweltering....

then the path was clear........

this was the lodge where all the guests ate and chilled out.  the place only allows about 40 guests
and the price includes 3 great meals a day and some stellar hospitality.  i must ask you to imagine
the temp and humidity.....brutal.....stifling....but oh what a cool place.

the pool was nearby.

my room was a hike away but was very comfortable.  that fan...that bed...nap city in the afternoon heat.

i shared this place with a songwriter buddy and no phone, no tv, and all the bugs you can handle.

no windows to speak of....also no hot water to speak of but a brief cold shower 4-5 times a day worked.

off the deck was a steap mountain cliff, jungle, then the pounding surf below.

someone placed fresh local flowers each day on our deck and cleaned and left us clean drinking water.

each evening the staff set the dining room up for a beautiful dinner.  great service, fine wine and cold beer.

happy hour consisted of sitting on the deck of the lodge watching the sunset.

every minute and every night was unique and breathtaking.

more soon.

meanwhile....back in my real life.....i played in myrtle beach a few weekends ago.
this bunged-up parrot set the tone for a fake jungle experience.....

dave dyer and the crooked smile band did a gig for a small bizness convention.

fran dyer on drums...jim crew on keys...allyn love on pedal thumpin some fumbled bass lines.

big jim pondering the acoustics...

a peek inside allyns gig seat.....the boys been around the block a few times.

allyn and me having a dueling cameras moment.

we played 2 hours while peeps hung, chatted, and broke a sweat standing still.

i was drawn to shoot and then gorge some mighty fine shrimp.

the heck with the tongs....the band pretty much cleaned out this bowl before we played.

this was our moment to enjoy the beach scene...then we hit the stage.

we moved the parrots aside when we played but they looked a little angry...

meanwhile......back at the pet store...the pet pad...a real live talking parrot.

i'm getting better at shooting this "zoo" as i understand the camer better.

a singing group.....

the lead singer

i used to watch sea hunt in black and white when i was kid...

this fish has become less shy...

a bamboo music agent was standing here during the last shuttle launch and kicks off the eye candy.

up..up...and away!!!

back at myrtle beach.

i snapped several things while riding along in the car.

this high end sound system was next to the stage....

driving home up highway 17...

and one final sweet car i saw drive by up in hillsborough....


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