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road trip

dave dyer
& the


a week ago or so the band headed to greenville, sc for a gig, money, music, and fun.

jim crew driving......todd proctor pulling shotgun duty......drew lile in back and me way back.

the venue was called the gathering spot right in downtown.

this plaza was full of people listening to a brass band crankin out some dixie land.

i was surprised how many people were wandering the downtown area.

all up and down main street for 5 blocks it was packed.

then.....out of the blue so to speak.....a fast moving storm came in.

the skys darkened and people started to run.  it cleared the entire courtyard in 60 seconds.  party over.

inside the club we had a little time to adjust mics and gear and get used to the heat.

honestly it was super loud and super hot in here.

that's drew melting into the seat before we fired up for the night.

jim crew warming up......todd proctor tweaking the drums and the sound man tweaking.

todd ordering two bottles of water please.

happy birthday!  dave dyer knew this woman and it was party she got invited on stage.

the crowd was inspired to a frenzy when she danced.....i managed to play roots and fives with my left
hand while i got off a few shots with my right.  you talk about multi-tasking.....try keeping a bass line
going while taking pictures.  the brain's an amazing thing...not mine especially but in general.

1:30am.......packing up i was sitting the camera on anything stable to get a few shots of downtown.

the cops were cool as they watched over the scene.  the downtown area is full of places to eat.

i wondered if a police man would want to check out what the heck i was doing.

i kept setting the timer and putting the camera on the ground to see what i'd get.

i watched both ways......don't try this at home.  the police might want to talk to you about safety.

about a year ago i started to tell people about melissa kelly ( r ).  she's hooked up with two
other very talented young women to form a band.  i sat in on a rehearsal last weekend.

you will freak at how good they are.

abi ( l ) plays keys and sings and anna ( r ) sings and plays some guitar.

watch for more info........listen up for more great music.....soon.

someone sent me this card.  it was a reminder to take a moment of pure pleasure during every day.

daaaaaa...........daaaaaaaaa............daaaaaaaa................da daaaaaaa..dum..dum..dum..dum.....

2001 space odesey camera time.

i'm shooting everything.....everywhere.....all day all night mary anne ya know what i mean?

every day i teach i walk around the building a couple of times when i get  a break.  some of these
things have caught my eye several times before so they got first shot at the new camera.  it's like
knowing how to play music but experiencing the learning curve time of a new instrument.  it takes
a little time to get the figure out what fingers to use and how to match what you "hear".

i have so much to learn now.  i'm not worthy.  yes i am.  give me time.....that's all i need.  did i say that outloud?

i've been fakin it up 'till i have to learn the art of photography.

if it moves or not......i'm taking a picture.

i caught this critter at the pet store next to burt music.....and i'm going back until i get it right.

a friend...jim white.....dropped these two shots on my door recently.  a sunset moment......

an a very deer moment.

and another friend sent me this picture of a mutual friend....uli.

uli grew up to fit those ears by the way........


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