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rrrrock on

dan davis
turned 40 and
had one rockin

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student news

dr of love

jumpin jack flash

ticket to paradise

mac is back?

eye candy

picture this

scotty miller played with terry anderson and the olympic glutts kicking team "oak"

dans party needed some music that personified original rock and roll.

terry anderson...singer/songwriter/throw down drummer has this killer band.

they light up the room and set you dancing.....none stop energy.

everyone sings and this dude's got some nice pipes.

you really need to stay up on this band.

the wills family band.

big mama e & the cool shared a gig with this local bluegrass act.

no slouchez in this's obvious these three sisters have been at it all their lives.

everything was super tight.

i will be bringing you some more on this act in the near future.

brian fried.....singer....songwriter....future big timer and certainly a bamboo dude.

he's been working on his vocal stuff a little with me and i've been having him sing his music.

he came in recently with goomba rob lewis who co-writes with brian.

these two young musicians have a lot of potential as a writing team.

much of what i heard and recorded will show up right here soon.

brian fried ( freed ) has a ton of music in him and you'll hear it here.

check it out.....from the cary and brian are tight and there's more to come on these cats.

next time i plan to bring you some music, photos, and an interview with allyn love.

all of this will make sense soon and listen.

this young singer/cool cat recently turned 5.  she invited a bunch of friends to have some
soup made from mexican jumping beans, corn syrup, pure cane sugar, and red bull.  then they all
went wild.  i managed to catch a few shots while they actually levitated before my very eyes.


i decided to start from the beginning with my costa rica trip photos.  it took us a long time
to get from raleigh to the west coast of costa rica with three flights over two days....all beautiful.

we'd taken a shortee to phila and got out of there around 7am.

we spent a lot of time in the que and it waited patiently for this shot while headed off.

awhile later we flew past miami beach.

then us1 down to key west melted into this stretch of coral reefs everywhere.

the next day we prepared to fly the last leg to the resort from this small airport in the capitol city.

the travel adventure was on at this point.

my friend noticed a bald tire and mentioned how windy it was.

i shot this out the window on take looks pretty windy.

i must confess a small problem with air sickness now and then.  bumpy rides...small confined space.

the plane was really rockin and rollin so i tried to calm my stomach by shooting out the window.

way beautiful......but man it's hot in here......i'm sweating and starting to eyeball the small bag thing.

then we hit some real bouncy turbulance and i about lost my breakfast and my pride.

finally on the ground at our airport.  ( insert your own jungle noises here )

hot.....super, super stomach is still my main thought.

another small plane coming in at the drake bay airport.

got 'em off the ground.

our airport terminal.

the airport hanger for repairs.

the lounge.

then i saw this bamboo being applied for a wall screen and i knew my chi was chii-in.  more next time.

recently, one of the bamboo music foreign correspondents visited india and the uk.

this bird followed him everywhere......the cow seemed to be chillin everywhere.

mac.....has certainly been getting his camera eye on.  some of these are beautiful.

lots of spring flowers

and the occasional riot breaking out.  mac left the scene right before a huge riot here left 6 dead.

among the sometime chaotic political stuff there's an amazing country.

da man

he was in the uk for awhile

that's one old tree trunk

macs eye is seeing things everywhere

back in bangalore....the bird waits for mac

the city, like most large ones, has a lot of diversity

he always seems to find a chilled out puppy somewhere

it's a small world.  this is a student i photographed for her 16th birthday...right here in cary, nc.

and another last weekend.....although she's actually kinda from texas.  there's a connection in this.

a few weeks ago someone drew this on the ground in front of the music store i teach at.
because of macs trip photos and my working a few partys this suddenly showing up didn't surprise me.

eye candy on a cosmic level

limo time for party boy.  it's hard to hold the camera still enough but it was cool inside here.

finally i find myself in homes with way beautiful flowers at times...

keep smilin......smell the roses...or the tulips....or good coffee.


picture this

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picture this

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