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dog days

the 4th
of july

it's a holiday.  it's hot.  i'm hot.  you're hot.  she's hot.  we're all hot and steamy.

could it be the heat from this monster?  that's a happy man right there glowing with pride
as he attends the slow and dedicated work of turning 3 pork shoulders into soul food.  yeeeuumm!

he's wearing special welding glasses because he's about to open that lid and pear inside at some
of the best food on earth on a hot summer day and he might go blind if he looks too long.  that liquid
he's holding is a special mixture to cool him internally should he feel overheated due to excitement.
there's also a chance he might spontaneously combust when he gazes upon the magnificent food.

back to the small mammels.  this is "trouble".  she's young at heart but showing some laugh wrinkles.

she kept walking up to me every time she came down off the back porch so i decided she
knew i had a camera and needed some work on moving targets and she was obliging me.
....or i have the tendency to look like the sap that will dole out goodies to little old ladies who smile.

she was panting so hard she'd shake her whole body and face but i got a few i really liked.

then here's a not so small mammel "shawnee".

it was easier taking a few of her as she sat still and watched the meat and looked out for "trouble".

this was the queen for the day showing off her prize.  it's easy to see why she won isn't it!?
she would walk up and slowly open the box and let people peek inside at the gift from her aunt.
i asked if she'd let me take a picture of her beautiful new bauble.....she walked over.....looked proud...
opened it for all of you to see and enjoy.  long live the queen.  the queen of the fourth of july.

this thing caught my eye, my nose and my mind all day.

sweet ain't she?   this was its maiden voyage......4 days old out of the box and right dead on
250 degrees for about 10 hours can ya smell that smell my brothers?!!!  i'd show you inside that
 hand lid but the mere glimpse of what treasure it hides would make you cry.  the sauce was to die for..

 i hope you had a good 4th and everyone had a blast like i did.

a few weeks ago i dropped in at the blue note in cary to hear some great jazz played by some
awesome players.  kevin van sant on guitart, ben palmer on bass....both local guys who have world
wide credits.....ray codrington on trumpet......a major jazz player everywhere....and the kicker was
drummer joe chambers who has played with everyone from miles davis to wayne shorter to kevin van sant.

if they know you at the blue note.........even desert is special.  this one landed right beside me...i didn't get to taste it.

i told you awhile back to keep an eye out for this guy andrew brown.

the dude is getting good and these two jams....he's doing lead work.....should give you am example
if his growing phrasing, melodic, and rhythm approach.  he'll be improvising at a show soon.

awhile back i mentioned the history of the shows.  this was maybe 1999 , 2000 tops.  i told you
i sweated my brains out.  that's a younger version of sally martin doing one of her first performances.

sarah ohlin ( l ), mike murry, candice townsend, and sally singing one.

i also ran into this picture of sam monster lefty........from maybe 2-3 years ago.

you might remember morgan sayler.  i had taken some photos of her awhile back.  she had a little
vacation that was pretty cool.  morgan also got a camera and got into shooting.  she got back last week
and sent me a bunch of great photographs.  i added some of her work in the photofeature section.

there's more

so as the weeks and months go by keep an eye out for other guest photo cats.

i ordered the mountain potato and sashimi tuna.  the waitress looked at me with surprise and smiled
then asked if i had had it before.  "it's the texture some people are not ready for" she said....smiling that
smile of "dude it's freaky and gross...don't try it".  i tried it.....can't say as i'll order it again.

it's kinda like okra.  it was almost impossible to get ahold of with the chop sticks....but i did eat it.

she tried to warned me.


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