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i played a cool gig with dave dyer and bernie petteway a few weeks ago.

people check out the gallerys while we play a lot of daves original music.

the featured artist was our friend....melinda fine.

here's melinda and bernie (r).  i just swiped her tray of ginos pizza rolls.

the deals are always well attended.

there's tons of things to look at.

support artspace....because they support live music.

libby anderson....cooler pound for pound than most human beings.

she's been working up some janis joplin and some tom petty.

brian kirk.......wide open coming soon.

sings, plays, writes, does beatles tunes.  just wait.

she's smiling because shes singing up a storm lately...stephine roark.

she sounds more country than country.

kerri bennot....a fast learner, big brained, hard worker new student.

she's movin across the board like it's cake.

grant barnes.  got it goin on brothers and sisters.

he did a recent gig along with guest paige berrier.  she did the photo work.

this is lani van dermeer.  singer/songwriter i'm lovin working with.  listen.

big things ahead.

whitley owen.  true blue eyed soul.  listen to this tune she dropped on me at her lesson.

she's been diggin the blues over the past few months and floored me with this take.

more coming soon about some new music from dana momeyer.

a few weeks ago, late one night, i got the chance to record two friends playing some jazz.
we worked in the lobby and studios over at burt music where i teach.  richard fitzgerald and
owen cordle started some demo work.  listen while you browse.

richard and owen have a duo that works around the area.

they wanted to do a demo.

when we get everything recorded i'll let you know and you'll hear it here.

what did you do on spring break?  allison smith, who normally is seen performing....

on local stages at 12.....

and generally just being cool......

went to you know where....for her spring break.

hanging with the family having a blast on florida.

scared of the new ride.....

sallie branch, also a hard working student on guitar, vocals, and school.

between her busy schedule of school, life, and crewing she traveled to...

denmark!  one of her best friends father is the new ambassador.

so she spent her spring break in copenhagen.

oh the life of the rich and famous.....everybody is happy.

doesn't she look in her element?  she told me she shopped a lot....and had a blast.

so my spring break was spent in costa rica.  i spent as much time on this beach
as i could.  over 5 days i took 1500 images.  i'd put you to sleep with all of them so here's a sample.

i spent mornings looking around the tidal pools for wild things.

click the beach scene below and see the full view.

when i die i want to be laid to rest right there with a little breeze blowing.

over the coming weeks i'll create a page with a lot of the pictures you can see.

there were so many plants and animals and insects i've never seen before.

i went back three days in a row to shoot leaf cutter ants at work.

i took a ton of photos from the planes.  this was drake bay swinging in for a landing.

my favorite lunch spot in the whole wide world.

anyway.....i had the time of my life and it changed me.  the jungle, a quiet beach, great food.

at the end of it all a dead battery had us all waiting for aaa at the airport and i saw this bike.

it was 2am and we'd traveled pretty much since 5:30am the prior caught my eye.

then...our hero arrived just in time to save the day.

finally...a little drive by shooting.  i'm getting better using the speed/action settings.

in all these the car is traveling at least 35mph.  i'm takin what i can get.


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