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a few of the showcase performers chillin before the gig.  we kicked off 2007 with a show
featuring some super peeps at the bnc center/six string cafe & music hall in cary.

we opened with the kijewski sisters...alysa and lauren

they did a disco/dance tune that got the crowd stoked up.

huy lam then mellowed everyone out with some blues.

one talented dude that you'll hear a lot from.

we went a little country when sallie branch got up and sang a few.

she had a fan club......

and she changed a few peoples minds about country music.

then....morgan and caroline cranked up their duo act.

caroline played and sang.....

morgan played and sang......

a powerhouse act you'll hear often at the shows.

then we showcased a super talent ally smith.

90lbs of dynamite

a super talent and one mighty fine singer.

brian fried played some of his songs and showed off some pro talent.

  rob lewis adds all the glitter to the music.

the closing act was grant barnes and alec sturgis

amazing music from two amazing young men.

they'll both be back in our june showcase.

the show was a big success and we'll follow up with round two on april, 14th.

ben barbee has tackled learning guitar like few have.  he's writing, singing, playing within a year.

i dig his music and his spiffy wardrobe and fashion sense.

shannon alexandra......wild, creative, with bamboo.

guitar, singing, video, photos, she does it all.

beneath this low key demeanor lurks one monster bass man...alex you.

soon to be a household this face.

carlee fowler did some performing and got rave reviews.

she did a show at her high school and brought down the house.

you'll see and hear her later this year at a bamboo showcase.

few singers move me to moist eyes.....emma morgan here does just that.

power, finesse, large skills.....wait 'till you hear this young woman.

johanna salo rocks.  13...from finland...wide open.

she's a new student with talent everywhere.

she's one super bright young lady who you'll see a lot of.

johanna is also an amazing photographer.

she's shared a ton of pics with me and i feel it's important that her camera work be shared with you.

her eye is obviously good.

and i think we see eye to eye.  i plan to include some of her images each edition.

and her creative talent is everywhere.  more from her soon.

a few weeks back i got to hear i b dog play at the blind tiger in greensboro, nc.

everything from the beatles to rock to on the image for a short video clip.


i was there to hear them and big mama e & the cool were playing later and i enjoyed getting to take a few shots.

mike edwards is "the dog".

allyn love making it for another video.

more from this band later.

shannon alexandra knows how to travel

she visited japan recently and sent me some cool pics.

she loved this shirt and got it for about $5.00.

she said this bunny just jumped into the shot...

here...shannon is demostrating how to sneak up on a deer and stuff it into a large purse...she
looks sneaky doesn't she?  the deer was deer jerky several hours later.  she loves her some deer meat.

so when she travels again we're all going to expect pics.

over the last 6 months of last year i spent a lot of time driving back and forth to ohio.

the trips were not for pleasure as some of you know....

but i found myself shooting a lot of photos through the car windows

after things settled down i decided to try to put my experience into perspective....

and over the coming few months i'll have to to reflect on my trips, the events, the outcome

and i'll share some road time with you.

for those who know why i was driving up and down i-77 thanks for your support
and for those who don't know the was the best of times and the worst of times.

eye candy time.

real eye candy....she was at the showcase.

i took this with a new lens and was happy to see some detail

i'm experimenting with some photo shop tweaks.

one friday afternoon i wandered the area looking for food.

be cool...


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picture this

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