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the big

say cheese!


now......the past meets the future.......bow your heads...

i got to play a gig in nashville, nc with dave dyer and the crooked smile band recently.
it was an old church set to be torn down for a parking lot.  what a cool place to play music..

that's bernie petteways guitar rig ready to roll before the gig.

before the gig i got to wander for a few minutes..

the last little bit of daylight was coming in the windows.

i turned and saw oscars name and felt compelled to take this photo...old church old spirits.

meghan ( left ) was a singer who performed with us.  that's jim crew and meghans mom before the gig.

this ladies picture hung in the green room and kept an eye on us so we didn't get too rowdy backstage.

jim tunin up

allyn love getting wired.

dave dyer perfoming a solo tune during the set.

the afterglow of the gig was really cool.  the people seemed to really enjoy the did we.

speaking of nice pipes........

the future is big for morgan habig....national honor goddess...singer....

one of my super star students you'll know a lot about in due time.

she's got it all and this face.

dana momeyer and i shot some new pics recently.

she's graduating this year with honors, props, and some new original tunes coming soon.

sally martin and i are shooting some new photos for some cool reasons i'll share later....

and we're talking starting a record this summer once ncstate lets loose of her brain.

abi durham ( left ) on a cruise ship celebrating her new job with curb/asylum records in nashville.
abi was a student who followed her dream.  she's living it now and makin it happen.

we've talked for a few years about her becoming a bamboo correspondent and there's more coming later.

abi nicholson got hitched in alabama recently.  she sent me some pics.

the last i saw her she was singing and playing at the six string.

i think i met mr lucky at one of her shows.  she looks happy.......we're all happy for her.

emma.......big mama e......crankin out some vocal tracks.

the band is crankin on the new record.

paul cooper and dan davis listening with intent.

woodrow the wonder dog seen sneaking a listen in at a recent party with the band.

woodrow passed on to a better life a few days done good woody.
you brought a lot of joy to a lot of humans and kept a ton of squirrels thin and trim.

now back to our eye in the sky studios.....

another view from above......

guess where our foreign correspondent is now......

back in vietnam


he was back there in jan and sent these recently.  cool place for dinner.

his co-workers getting ready to chow down.

i wanna say that's beef...........i wanna say that.

dig in......if she eats it i can handle it.

so here's to mac, his co-workers, and everyone at bamboo music around the world....cheers!!

oh no....mac told them bamboo was picking up the tab!!  oh gotta spend it to make it.

so mac has brought us all a different perspective....thanks for the pics, the views, and the great vibe.

back at my small footprint on the globe i've been walking around more trying things out.

the cool part is the internet shrinks distance and time.......

these simple flowers at a local garden center caught my eye and now someone far away can see them.

click this sat view for more detail.....but the perspective is beautiful.

anyway........i'm headed to costa rica with my camera and some good friends.
i'll be back and share the view with you.  stay tuned and focused and smile.  everyone's looking.


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