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jim crew is one monster musician.  he's got major chops and major connections...

from the compositions he writes for the film the music he produces...

to the many musical configurations of bands he plays in.  he's da man in demand.

his eye que is off the charts...yet despite a massive'd never meet a more
humble and gentle man.  inside that skull lives a humming music machine that never sleeps.

i had the pleasure of shooting some photos at jims recently.

he played and worked while i hung out....imagine the sound filling the was cool.

name a famous movie over the past 15 years and jims music....coming from a writing
session just like adding to the emotional intensity and vibe of your experience.

jazz, rock, pop, country, latin, name it....he plays it well.

jims a large family man as dedicated to them as his music.

he's got a new love......his sawheat accordion.

jim crew is moving in some large circles.  everyone who has the pleasure to know him..

as a musician understands why....and the triangle has a real gem among us.
visit jims web site at 

lee mulleady......tough guy with a sensitive side.

he's a great singer...plays guitar...and will debut performing in the march, 8 showcase.

a new artist with bamboo music and someone you'll really enjoy.

elly sato rocks.  she's also a new artist and is joining forces with lee at the adult showcase.

bass playing...singing....plays guitar and piano.

elly will be a musical force you will all enjoy....800lbs of dynamite in one compact package.

songwriter, singer  david bultman is also a new artist.

dave has recently started to write and the future looks bright.

matt mollencopf is one fine singer.....

and guitar guy.

brains, good looks, and one super work ethic.....stay tuned.

krista skopek......performed at the last showcase.

she's strong on guitar and gonna be singing soon.....

keep and eye and ear on this talented young woman.

anokhi shah is new and loaded with music

piano, guitar, and soon vocals......

she'll be a large part of the future shows...

alyssa kijewski

she's the new face of bamboo music.  she'll be showing up at gigs, writing reviews,

and keep up on current events around the triangle on the teen scene.

nic scavo.....the next big super star.

insightful, philosophical, serious talent in every direction.

nic will make a real dent in the future of and elsewhere.

nikayla olson.....another future rock monster.

hannah j.......her partner in crime and music

these two young ladys are not only bright, talented, and fun.....

but they have serious talent and chops.

songwriters.....players, singers........big future.

let the show begin....dec, toads.

mark mckee made this happen....

and chris rafetto kept the show running smooth.

rachel ungaro and trevor cox opened the show.

students of mark.....did terrific.

megan celii and cammi miller

a new duo that mark put together.......both singing and playing.

grant forrest......singer, songwriter always sounds great.

huey lam then cranked up some blues.

some homeless guy jumped on stage as well.

great crowd at mr toads.

abby schull wowed 'em with some country music

she's one dynamite talent.

niki cook then took the stage........

along with brenda mccauley

then the show closed with brian fried and friends.

brians future as a songwriter is real solid.

thanks to mark.....another successful showcase.

brian kirk is on fire and working towards an ep release this year.

late last year we all hung out with jim crew.

brian is shy...yea right.

the future's so bright.....he's gotta wear shades.

alec sturgis....a young man on a mission.

his new ep release has caught the attention and ears of many.

he's a rare talent with a huge....and i mean huge future.

he sung in westminster cathedral in london late last year.....

and that's all before his 16th birthday.  stay tuned to this dude.

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