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big daddy

big mama

and the
crank it
up at
the blue

dan davis tuning up his new set of drums a few weeks ago

he's all over town, all over everyones records, all anyone would ever need for a drummer, a dad, a goomba.

olly.  mr versital.  bass, guitar, vocals, songwriter, producer, and a general good guy.

funny, smart, and huge ears.

10 years ago he was a founder of the band and still drives the bus.

mike wizard.

a flame thrower one minute and a can still bring a soft touch to the music.

emma talking the nights stratagy with long time sound guy and producer paul cooper.

the club.  you really should check it out sometime.

after the band did the sound check things got wild.

nice club, great people, solid rock and roll all night long of original music.

the band has another part time member....pedal steel dreamboat allyn love seen here on one of his
other gigs.  he plays with everyone and while he wasn't on the blue bayou gig..........

he's pretty active.....and frankly sometimes a little over dressed for rock and roll.

big mama e and the cool have been working on a new record for about 6 months.
the band is recording the new tracks at cavern studios owned by olly.  there's cool stuff to look at everywhere.

paul cooper is in the cat bird seat and has his hands and ears all over this new project.

the band is running some old school adats and so far things are sounding fine.

mike listening to some playbacks.

emma and mike talkin details.  next time look for a big time feature on big mama e...the voice...the goddess.

olly rides.

the band has also rehearsed there for 10 years.  monday nights.  3rd cd comin.  life is good.

paul cooper shot this stuff while we thrashed.

emma is listening to a playback.  look for some cool photos of her next time.

and olly flys.  for real and for fun.

this lamp, the mini motercycle, the planes, the's's big mama e & the cool.....
still crazy after all these years.  watch for a buncha big mama next time and maybe a listen in on something new.

this is a young musician named rachel will and she was recording some tunes recently.
click on her image to hear "daughters".

....and this image will take you to a tune she wrote which is a fav of mine.

allison smith was also knockin down take after take and workin on her new demo.
click the image for a michelle branch tune you'll recognize.

you'd find it hard to imagine that's a 12 y/o playing and singing if you did't see it with your own eyes.

this is manon.  she's an international sensation.  plays guitar....sings.....records.

listen to her french version of a familair tune from the sound of music.  click the image.

paige berrier.......little big time......huge talent...major pipes.....songwriter.  click and listen.

paige is someone we will all know by her music in due time....believe me she's got "it".

this is huy giang.  lb for lb one happnin musician.  click to hear him jam.

one of my best improvisers....phrasing, taste, and musicial judgement are all there already.

stay tuned for this guy.

let me introduce you to tiny man.

tiny man has become my mascot at the studio where i teach.  a student was traveling in mexico
and said she say this and it reminded her of me.  i have no idea why....but maybe kinda.  so over the past
several months tiny man has become a part of things.  he is also a role model for me kinda as i'm
going to hang out in a tropical jungle for a week soon.  i think it's gonna be hot and steamy so
tiny man makes me realize i need to loose some holiday cookie weight and trim down.

i'll need to be resourcefull and always alert....just like tiny man.

so i'm working hard with my camera to get ready to shoot pictures of any local flora or fauna
i see when i'm there.  i'll run around all day in my jungle attire wishing i had a guitar along but i'll enjoy shooting...

the local critters!!!EEEEEIIIIKKKKKKEEESSSS!!!!!  aaarrhhhhHHHHeeeeeeee creepy!!!!

not really.  the kind cool people that run this pet store next to burt music in cary have allowed and
tolerated me lurking around their store taking pics of real live wild animals!!!!!  not really wild but alive.

i learned from this character that just when you think the thing is still it can move like lightening.

so i hope to get some face time with a few of these on my trip.

i might see tropical fish, catch a few, eat a few, ....maybe try to not be eaten by a few.

wha the _____?  give me my camerea.

i sat steady focused on this guy to try to catch the tongue flicked way out but man it happens fast.

i caught it on the way back in and in fact that tongue came out a good 4-5 inchs.  i gotta be faster.

this sweet thing is shy.  i've tried 2-3 times to take a good clear shot and it always swims to the back.

it peeks at me.

i see you.....

a neighbor two tanks down in the cul-de-sac.

so many things to take photos of.....right next door.  check them out sometime.

and i hear there's a lot of beautiful plant life there also.

local stuff will have to do while i train on anything blooming.

i try to keep flowers in the waiting room for me and everyone to enjoy.

i'll be ready for costa rica.  i'll have a lot to share.

oh....and happy valentines day.


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