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ecu pirates
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james dunn is hot and setting small fires in hearts around town.

his music makes you smile, cry, laugh, reflect on the things that make us human.

expect an interview next time with words, wisdom, and music from james dunn.

david dyer helped stoke up the ecu pirates to whoop up on ncstate late last year.

the band played a "tail-gater" before the big game.

david (l)...todd proctor (m) and allyn love on pedal steel about to crank it up.

guitar wiz drew ecu alum/graduate was on the gig.

ecu cleaned their dave musta played the right vibe.

big mama e and the cool had one sweet weekend in dec.  click the pics to check things out.

their live national public radio interview can be heard and viewed at big mama e .com

wild women on song morgan and caroline will be performing at the opening of the bamboo music
showcase series set to start in feb 07.  wait until you get an earful of these two talented young ladys.

they'll do music from pop to rock.

you're gonna love these two and watch what happens over this year....weehaa!

speaking of weehaa.....grant barnes and alec sturgis will also floor you.

amazing talent

amazing original music

and brilliant young dudes who will be very successful in due time.

brilliant also applys to sheveta pandya.

plays guitar like a wild woman....more brains than 10 men.

sweet as pie.....unless you want to challange her to pretty much anything.  more soon.

burt music in cary is now selling jazzkats!

guitarist richard fitzgerald was seen and heard recently test driving one.

looking for a small portable amp with big sound....jazzkatz the ticket.

wedding bells rang out late last fall...and dave dyer and the crooked smile band set
the table up near charlottesville, va as the band played eclectic music for an eclectic crowd.

the scene was an old historic plantation...

the tent was party central.

bernie...jim....dave mid afternoon load-in.

i had time to wander through the house.

the old owners..

dave....prepping for a fun gig.

allyn ready to make it happen...

here dave is told about an odd detail in the contract we'd missed.

allyn just told bernie the contract says we play from 7pm-4am with 2-20minute breaks and no food.

everyones a pro so you go with the flow....these two young ladys chatted up allyn for awhile.

someone looks bored....i think she has her eye on the drummer...fran.

actually they were asking about having this girl get up and play...

she actually did get on stage...sang a rock song....made us look like old men.

the signal that the wedding was afoot came when we heard this guy droning in the mist.

family tradition......from way back.

then the wedding music started...

photo time

the crowd gathers....

it's time...

the rest.....great wedding....two beautiful young people setting the tone for a good life together.
as always.......the band played on.....we made some money and enjoyed ourselves.  life is good.

mac has been roaming to planet again.  this time he's helping to open a branch office. in another land.

i'm thinkin they went wandering...

mac found his lucky sleeping dog...

night time party central

next day....big lunch.

it appears that an office opening is one big deal.

way cooler than our way...a buncha stuffed shirts grinning with a giant pair of fake scissors.

way cooler.

everyone gets involved.

more wandering...

back at work...

so....mac has done it again.....beautiful images of his travels...

giving us a look at another side of the planet, ourselves, and done with class and creativity.

hard work...means...

hard play.....when i move 4 tons blocks of stone all day i always refresh with a tiger!!

and when mac wants to relax he's after music somewhere in the world.

i wish we had sound.  maybe next time.


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