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new year

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new years
party on

a bunch of my young friends played a gig at the north carolina museum of history on new years eve.

here we are 30 minutes before the show.  they played from 2:30-4:30pm at raleighs first night festival.
the blonde is whitley owens and to her left is mike miller, then rachel will, allison smith, brenda mccauley,
anna thring, bennet casey, melissa kelly, and natalia torres.  believe me.....they all nailed it.  crushed it.

i ran amoke with the camera before things cranked up.  here's bennet, anna, and melissa during sound check.

natalia trying out the sound system.

allison talking shop with the sound man.  isn't she getting tall?  man she's growin like a weed.

then the show was on.  we opened with mike and me improvising some blues.
paul cooper took these digital captures.  he's handy with a camera and it gave me a chance to enjoy the show.

then allison smith came on for a quick tune up and proceeded to "shock and awe" the collective masses.

she's 11 and has almost two years of stage experience.  the voice always surprises people.

click the image below and listen and watch her performance via bamboovideo.

the poise is phenomenal and the talent is all there.  watch this face.

allisons teacher....rachel will followed.

rachel did a john mayer tune, an oldee, and an original the crowd loved.

and the crowd and the musicians all really dug whitley.

seriously big stuff here.  she's truly born to this.

not shy....all talent....she killed a cover of a tracy chapman tune with all the r&b feel.

brenda.........played from pop to rock to country.

she got large props from her peeps over stage left when she finished here set.  she was the bomb.

the no named band with bigtime potential....melissa, anna, and bennet....melannaben or annamelben maybe.

serious.  anna thring will be a household name as a rock machine in the year 2010.

fearless talent......large brain case.  can't fail.  write it down.

melissa kelly is the buzz saw talent in this act.  loaded.....creative....driven.  what more can you ask for.

songwriter, singer, and honestly more beautiful inside than out.  will be famous.

the dude.  bennet........a real musician who plays keyboard.

writes, sings, is a techno wizard, and one super talented guy.

click on the image below for a wallpaper download.

we closed out the show with ms big time.  natalia.

a voice heard 'round the world....especially in scotland these days.

from spain to oklahoma.......this young talent will be a star.  happy new year!  what a show.

this is big mama e......& the cool.

rehearsing for the blue bayou gig on saturday night.

the band is also working on cd number only gets better with age baby.  more next time.

2006  bamboo music goes global.

that's right.  global.  that's not exactly raleigh.  hey.....i can see my house from here.....what a view.

between the internet....and some musician goomba magic.....welcome to bamboo does viet nam.

can you hear me now?  can you hear me now?  testing one...two...three.

who is this person who travels the world with such musical power....such a connection to young talent
way back in cary, nc, usa....north america....who could this masked man be?  who is this globetrotter?


mac daddy.  former student....current goomba....songwriter, singer, guitar, bass...
and the old sound man from the six string cafe days. 

on business in saigon.  he also ran sound for years for our shows at the six string cafe.

ho.  the legend.  the man.

ho chi minh

mac could have been, shall we say detained, for taking this image for you and me.  you da man mac.

oh is life.  chicken feet.........yummmmmm.

fresh.  real fresh.  everywhere.  all day.  i'm going along next time.

his co-workers at lunch.............just kidding......

actually after work.  cool huh!?

mac sings??  let's hit a karaoke bar dudes!!!


a sunday drive.......bamboo music has an eye on the world.  we're not messin around here.

sleepy.......i'm getting sleepy.

transportation.  he said it sounds like a swarm of bees as everyone rides them everywhere.

macs tour bus had a slight problem.



freshly brewed tea with....

fresh.....real fresh honey.

mac said the bee came back to retrieve and recycle it's own nectar.

oh taxi!! taxi!!  mac setting off on an afternoon excursion.

and we leave this corner of the globe with a final shot from mac.  thanks dude very much for the pics.

eye candy '06.  i spent a few days at an embassy suites recently and found myself focused on the fish.

the rippled water from the waterfall and the slow motion of the fish created a reflection
and refraction of light i found appealing.  the fish were beautiful and the abstract effect worked for me.

i went back down to the pond several times as i wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

finally.......catch a sunset as often as possible.  rain or shine it's good for the soul.


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