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scotty miller and.......

shana tucker-williams team up to make your wedding or uber cool private shin-dig a big success.
i got to do a photo shoot with them on a very big stage.
they played and sang while i roamed and captured the moment.
she's got a beautiful voice and smooth style.....
her cello work is nice and tastie.
scotty is a wide ranging player with oodles of chops, fills, and color. he's also a nice singer with a long musical background.
the two of them have put together a really cool act for a swanky cool private party.
shana has the cool vibe.....
and she keeps scotty in line.


the two of them....
make these two sound great together.
dude looks right at home in the venue and the tux.
the sound in the room was cool......
everywhere i roamed they sounded awesome.
great people...great place to shoot......thanks to my bros who allowed us access to the venue. thanks scotty and shana.
student news

angelina ford tiny girl with a big 'ole dream.

she's new. she's got a big brain in a tiny body...owns a big just about to stop whinning about her fingers hurting....and has a passion for a butterfinger.

angelina is working with libby anderson...
and learning to tune and maybe be a songwriter like libby some day down the road.
nick ford.........angelinas big brother
goin the bass man route to sign up for the rhythm section.

he's tried a few other instruments and has decided it's back to bassics...................

he's a smart guy with real good manners, humor, and a sense of rhythm.

and he's bustin to rock out.

jenn is back
jennifer palvino has a major soccer thing goin on
and she can dissapear for a few months traveling or getting straight a'z.

she always comes back a better player,,,,can play through anything in any key...

and i still can't get her to sing.
oh well......jenn is cool and loves the challange music and guitar offer.


a uke dookie...cannon king goes hawaiin

he's into it......he's working on a few tunes.
he's figured out a whole batcha chords...
canon enjoys playing and singing for his friends.......
and they really dig his smooth style.
so expect some cool music in 2011 from this dude.
guitar repair and maintenance 101
abby schull changes a set of strings.
she's working on efficiency and keeping everything precise.
notice the deft pinky pushing the string into the body.
checking the string to make sure it's snug as a bug.
clip off the ends....
.....and do it all over again.
last one................
then she did a showcase and right after that....
she got a brand new guitar....
abby calls "rose".
they spent time getting to know each other...
they felt each other out...
then....suddenly love was in the air......
rose sang to abby...and abby sang back.
they wrote a brand new song.....
sometimes we all need a new inspiration....
abby found one.......and is one.
maura johnson gets a new writing utensil.
she also got a new guitar and it's been a new kick for her.
in 6 weeks she's got 5 original songs she's working on.
maura has a terrific voice...
and when she's singing everyone's paying attention.
she's also got some great insight into herself and people in general......
and it's coming out in her new music.
sometimes....a change of pace can set the creative vibe in motion.
a new guitar managed to set maura in motion...
and you'll hear some of it early next year.
kevin olson
one lonely cowboy sings 'em like he's lived 'em.
kevin sings country kinda.
he plays around the house. plays songs he can relate too in some past, present, or future life.
he's just freaky good at it.
i taught his daughter nikayla a few years and i'd always wondered where she got the good voice from.
i made "daddy" play, sing, record for the first time in his life....and while that happened I kept popping flash bulbs into his eyes and distracting him....but he never wavered.
kevin is someone who you will hear a lot about....if i have anything to do with it.
producer mark mckee and

songwriter erica amatori

join forces to get some original tunes recorded.

she's 16 and has a global perspective to work with.
italy, france, canada, raleigh.
mark has been all over the country performing and is about to headline at namm with the jason adamo band..
he does it all...plays everything...adjusts, tweaks, and puts out amazing recordings.
she..........just has an old soul and it's wrapped up in a really cool person.
she sings and plays the idea.....mark listens........
,,,,and hears an element to work to work with and makes musical mental notes.
erica has some good songs coming early in 2011. she's also an a student...a state level cross country runner....and manages to have a ton of friends and stays above it all with music.
coming soon.....
erica bigtime.
growing up on a stage

abby davis

packs a wallop when it comes to talent.


she's now an artist with bamboo music.

i've been watching this 9 y/o perform for a few years.
she has talent and moxy.
she has a relaxed vibe between tunes....talks easily to the crowd.
she keeps improving.....
and that's why she's someone everyone should more like abby.
she started making music around 5 and started playing and singing in public not much after that.
she started to set the world on fire when she got this pink guitar.
she's known for it and the daisy rock people should sponser her. someone should let them know she's gonna be bigtime some day.
she grew a fan base real fast....
she keeps improving her technique....adding new songs....adding instruments to her game.
and now is set to showcase her drum skills next year.
i got to rehearse with her recently.....
she's doing a maroon 5 tune at the next showcase.
and she's got her groove on.....does like to thrash now and then.
so....welcome abby davis..
to the artist page. keep an eye and ear on this one over the next few years.
holiday showcase
the last show of 2010 and we kicked it off with caroline campbell.
she did an original tune and more. great voice.
speaking of great voices...
deb kiserow sang a tune.
mckenna fellows...
added her skills.
deb is about to showcase some new jazz tunes early in 2011. her range and detail stuff is awesome.

two super stars....

sam bradburn and

abby schull teamed up to show people how it's done.


click here for a video of them doing one of their tunes from the show.

abby works hard to make it look easy.
sam is
the two of them.......
really worked well together.

carly stiver....sang a cool christmas tune.

click here for the video.

carly had some scratchy pipes but she's so good it still sounded great.

we closed the show with ashleigh nicoll doing a version of the alvin and the chipmonks song.

click for the video.

she came to the show all sparkled up and ready for christmas.
she also sang great and is getting ready for some cool stuff next year.

guitar heaven

raleigh holds a big show and i get to hang out with guitar zen master bernie petteway.

there were a ton of vendors from all over the east coast showing off new gear.
bernie knows his gear...
and is one of the top guns in the area on stringed instruments.
he knew a ton of old guard players who attended.
a lot to look at and way too much to listen to.
there were a ton of people jammin and the acoustics made for a drone and din that seemed to be a bit distracting to the task at hand....wanting to listen to subtle tone on some mighty fine instruments.
a bunch of super fine custom stuff.
drew lyle walked up on us.
he's the other super string man in town...can play anything with strings and shine.
it was cool to hang with two guys i get to play with but are also two of the finest pickers we have.
they felt and heard nuance stuff.
i kept hearing smoke on the water from the other side of the hall.

wezo was there pitchin his amp line.


check him out playing harmonica with a killer band of friends.

money......vintage stuff here..
something caught bernies eye....ear.
he played it for a moment and felt it was too rich for his blood.
so....old friends met up...i got to snap a few and bernie wandered on looking for one super cool thing........
and we saw this little gem
it's a cute tube amp. sweet.

kure beach

late summer festival time for big mama e and the cool

we got there early.....some of the band went down the night before.
we got to watch a couple groups do their thing.
cool crowd...really nice day weather wise.
this was the band after us.

awesome beach band....really cool gig. really nice money for 45 minutes worth of playing time. nice people running the show as well. we hope to play it again next year.

eye candy..
i got a chance to play a few songs in a local church and got to shoot around for a few moments.
the stained glass windows were catching the late day rays.
the few times i've been in this church was to play music with dave dyer and the boys.
we're actually going to doing a live recording session over three nights in feb of 2011 in this church.
the vibe is right, the sound is awesome, and the colors are all eye appeal.
the other band i'm in..big mama e and the cool...are doing a recording session in this beautiful "cathedral" and eye show hall at our buddy, sound guy, producer paul coopers pad.
everywhere i looked on this fall 2010 day was awesome.
it twas peaceful and beautiful.
felt a lot like the church vibe......
the leaves this year worked for me.
i'm not sure i managed to capture what i set out to grab this year.....i had a few days to try to get out and about and got a few things that were cool.
fall is my fav season for the reason right in front of your eyes.
everywhere you glance it's got something goin on.
what better way to end the year than to witness the spectical of dancing at deaths door......right before big mama e played a late night festival gig in mid fall i got to try to shoot some photos of two friends letting it all hang out combining music and dance and the steady threat of getting a really bad booboo that will leave a scar.

they call themselves

burnin love

and they express themselves creatively and really wow a crowd.
imagine yourself at midnight on new years eve......outside at a party...
and the music is moving you one way....and the dancing and fire display's a tug on all the senses.
these two people show passion, dedication, and professionalism in what they do and make it look easy.
dont try this at home.

don't forget to follow your will make you and your life and everyone around you happy.

happy holidays and a very, very happy and frolicking new year.

.....and don't forget to party like it's 1999.


unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



copy rights 2010

ken weigand / bamboo music