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dave dyer shows he cares for weecare

a real life father and daughter story

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dave dyer and the crooked smile band was asked to play a freebee for a fundraiser.
so on a chilly fall sunday afternoon the band rallied to support weecare for kids.
it was held at the hayes barton united methodist church in raleigh, nc.
the whole thing was the brain child of dave dyers oldest daugher cammi.
it was her idea for a 10th grade school project. she asked her dads band to play....which dave and the band thought was way cool on a lot of levels.
cammi was going to sing a song dave wrote called 'fathers and daughters'..about her and as a vocal duet. she was rehearsing her remarks and intro...then did the tune with the band at the sound check. cammi's way cool.
so is bernie petteway for throwing in time and talent to raise awareness and money for a rather worthy cause.......and cammi's pretty cool so he's all in.
OMG is that allyn of many talents and skills.....
he's busy, busy, busy most of the time but he thinks cammi is cool.
francis dyer...might have just got back from costa rica recording jungle sounds in a rain forest or florida recording high tech weapons...all for one of the leading video game companys. he's jammin busy but is a fan of cammi from way back. as am i as you can see. i'm shooting away before the sound check and gig but yea....with me..cammi is cool.
the band is doing a new cd with the focus on gospel roots music......taproot.

allyn has a big hand in the to final tweak.

dave and bernie attend this church and contribute their time and talent often....
but playing a concert in front of your peers and family meant a lot to dave, bernie, the band, and cammi.....because she pulled it all together and sang in front of her hometown crowd.
...and finally big daddy dave made 'em laugh and made 'em cry with his songs and sincere performance.
weecare....cammi saw a need....set up and booked the gig and the band...the seats were full...raised $1,700.....caught the band a few new fans.
nice way to spend a rainy to play some cool music with some cool people for a cool cause. got to hang with cammi...that's always cool......'cause she is.

student news

daniel sargent

he's got great finger work and a real stong desire to grow as a musician.
he sings and plays and apparently has a pretty cool stand-up comedy act.
he'll be showing up at an adult showcase next year.
matt junkins
easy goin dude...learns fast...great attitude.
he's a hockey player with a sensitive side...loves music and guitar.
you'll hear a lot from him next year as well.
allison at guitar.
she's got some history with the violin and now is turning her attention to a few more strings.
she's someone who will do really well over the next couple of this face.
michael fitzgerald..drummer and now singer.
smart dude with some serious drum chops. he ranks real high in the state and plays drums in a blues band.
once he gets the voice goin strong life will be awesome.
a great guy i'm happy to be working with.
mckenna and debra are getting ready for showtime.
the two of them are covering everything from nickelback to hoobastank to lion king.
they're both serious 'cane fans.
they're also pretty talented and you're gonna love their music.
"the reason is you".....
now a little hockey break..
then back to work...
they are hard core at all this and still manage to have a good attitude.
are we having fun? these two are ready to rock the house.
parkwood'fest 2009
olly roberts...big mama e fame....supports his church by being very involved musically.
he put on a cool festival to raise some money and invited a buncha friends to play.


omg there was yummy food....
dudes...young and old...
wonder boy olly played with everyone...he's a good guy with a heart as big as his talent.
please.....more sugar.

the sam henry band rocks day in and day out.

sam has been a long time player who's built a band with some of his kids and a few old friends.

they do a nice mix of groove and rock tunes.
he throws himself into it.
he's a lifetime musician with a lot to teach.
ashleigh groovin away..
i managed to shoot these during the sound check.
awesome act
and they sounded great.
white knuckle truckers
glut kickin power trio.
think loud...
these guys really crank it out.
rock/southern rock/more rock.
think twice that loud.
i got to play this gig near mebane late sept. and shoot some before we went on.
i really dig their material.
it's loud and unashamed.
later dudes...
going back to church
steve howell and dave dyer team up on a cool gig in nashville, nc.
back in nashville, nc.
steve howell has been a lot of local and regional ties and has been singing and writing for years.
he works with some of the areas best players and has a hot band in the lonesome teardrops.
pee wee....local legend...
walter garland...flamethrower.
allyn love...
we all hope to get back to the old church and back to a great venue to perform in.
party at ellys place

elly sato-bass, vocals

lee muleady-guitar, vocals

dave bultman-guitar, vocals

the holiday vibe was in the air and elly, lee, and dave showcased the whole band for family and lots and lots of friends a few weeks ago.
elly converted her living room into the stage for the evening. her bass work, vocals, and vibe add a solid foundation to the groups efforts.
lee has the tenor country vocal stuff down easy and smooth.
dave just rocks at all of it. he's got the vocals happnin, the whole guitar thing goin on, and the band is doing a few of his own tunes....hey life is good.
honest...the dude is one good ballad away from a hit. lee's got the pipes of a solid front man and helps the group cover a pretty wide range of style. his guitar helps glue it all together.
gary black on lead axe really worked all over a ton of riff heavy tunes and never blinked. he brings the whole thing some street cred and the much needed 'icing on the cake' for the music.
lots of vocal power and potential in the group.
drummer judy abrahams held down things on the drums...and played a full electronic set..
ellys daughter and lees daughter kayla....
crushed a taylor swift tune while moms, dads, on stage and off enjoyed a real cool part of the show. the place was packed with adults and a bunch of very engaged young kids when these two took the stage.
dave sings, plays, writes from his soul, heart, gut or whatever you want to call it....he's in touch with it.
dave, lee, and elly have all been students of mine off and on over a few years or so. i got way more than a few photos and a little video out of a guick drop in on a cool party.....i got to see how far a few of them have come at pushing their music life uphill one tune at a time. i was impressed. here's a snipit of audio i got from the video camera.
there's a lot of music from all of them down the road so stay tuned while some bamboo music artists show what they're made of. they stay at it....commit to it...gain a little ground here and a little more there.
.....and thanks elly for sharing your pad, the hospitality, and the shimp for the party.
dave dyer was back at artspace
with the string trio version on the crooked smile band.
i got to sneak a few shots in before we started. the place looked festive.
bernie petteway readys his rig for two long sets and a great night of music and people watching.
people surf the galleries while we fill the air with music.
artists rent space and work together to bring awareness to local art in the capitol city.
melinda fine...artist, along with dave and bernie in her studio during the break. melinda introduced me and dave several years ago and the rest is history. a bigger picture is these three bamboo artists represent part of the network and fabric of our local music and art community. keep up the support....invest in your local artists for everyones future.
fair game........
my one night wander around the 2009 nc state fair kicks off the eye candy.
i went one night just to shoot away.
the crowds....the sounds/noise....smells.
then i turned my attention to the great wheel.
then...the main reason to go...a chance to shoot fireworks.......and eat an italian sausage and peppers sandwhich.
i'll go every night next year to do this part again.'s the holidays.
please be careful when you spread your holiday cheer this year. beat the drum loudly but beat a small one.
think about the ones you love and if you can't be with them think about them harder.
gifts are cool but over time they can wear out, shrink, break, or get guzzled.
the best gift is your time and love for friends and family. walk into grandmas singing a song...
whoever you spend time with act the season...act like you're in a movie about a warm and wonderful time. 2009....they made good pie that year.

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