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dave dyer and the crooked smile band minus 2...
did a wedding rehearsal dinner at the pavilions at the angus barn in raleigh.
this venue is not only super cool but holds some history. the stones in the massive center fireplace came from old fayetteville street in downtown raleigh. these stones were walked on by the people who built and governed raleigh and north carolina.
the facility is back behind the angus barn...also an old established raleigh mecca for fine food, wine, and service for 50 years.
the doors slide open and the party extends outside..
the focus of the dinner was this guy....omg it's the whole hog.......eeeeyumm
dave is still a songwriting machine...
and sat and played us a new idea before we started the evening.
no matter where we play music....or who we play for....we all feel deeply about daves songs and we believe in his creative drive.

so while the party was fun we owe dave for keepin it real...and leading us along our musical path in life.

that being said...the pig was awesome.

student news
sam kid on the block.
sam is a very smart young dude.
i'm not sure why he tried to wack me with his guitar...but he's cool.
sam is 10..a steller hockey player....smooth...easy going.
i turned my back on him for just a moment...
and then i realized he was about to try to rip my lips off....

not really....i really like working with him...sweet dude you'll hear a lot about down the road.


dig the curls man....dig the curls.


rachel smith

she's singing up a storm and has some real cool stuff.
she's got the classic giant brain and a gift for singing and playing guitar.
she will be showing up often over the next few years...13 and load of talent.
ethan edwards
new guy...not really as i've watched him grow up around me in my musical life and i'm super glad to get a chance to work with him and his talent. right now it's all about keyboards.....i can see singing and guitar in the near future..
you have to work to see this side of him but he's very bright, charming, smooth, and one super good guy you'll be hearing a lot about in the future.
new artists
cannon king
this guy has stepped up his game....
he's singing and playing at a good level..

and his commiment to the music now matches his cool vibe.

canon has a new orleans background so his music side has some cultural roots.
a serious, charming, smart, and respectful guy....
with a name made for king. his success in life is easy to see coming.
she's a big deal
lauren deal
she's a new addition to the artist means she's not only a good and dedicated musician growing every day....she's uber cool.
easy going...smooth...funny......all atributes of the general cool cat......
but she also brings talent and brain power to the table as a musician.
she can crank out death metal with a vengfull scowll and also blows fire and defys gravity when she goes into a monster rippin solo.....wwooooohooo!!!
then she often blows the heavy duty act wide open by reverting back to regular, normal lauren....
she's in the bamboo backup band...playing all types of music and performing every month at the bamboomusic showcase.

she's about to start singing and adding another voice to her arsenal of musical skill sets.....and right here she's tired of me taking photos and if i recall her exact words to me at this moment were, "enough with the pics monkey boy".

i'll admit i was a bit taken aback....but then i remembered it was lauren........

she's cool....she's an artist on bamboo music.
....and so is she.....
emilee briggs
she's a solid player who is open to learning a wide range of she's part of the back-up band.
easy to work with...always has a huge smile going...and knows how to fake a chord like the best of them.
super brainiac...super cupcake.
emily is starting to sing and you'll catch a lot about her over the next few years.
you crack me up.....
these two friends try to act serious for two seconds and
megan huntington started singing and performed recently for the first time.
she's a super fan on taylor swift.
mckenna fellows has stepped up her game by adding singing harmony and working on a solo vocal piece.
she used to be shy...
now...there's no place to hide....
and her singing is getting louder and prouder each day...
it's still a hoot....she's still having fun learning.
checking in with the the pour house..looking for chris rafetto.
theruse opens the show with a bang.
chris is in a band doing a national tour and his band is traveling with this one.
i got close to the stage and got some cool photos but lost a smidge of hearing.
click on the image for a larger version and there are actually several of these linked to bigger photos.
both bands...3 actually all joined in on stage as it was a special night for chris.
chris rafetto brought a lot of fans to the show.
he's a local guy who keeps climbing the ladder of success.
their lead writer/singer has an edge on a contemporary sound.
and chris adds to the talent level and the vibe of the band..
keep a eye and an ear on these bands and chris. he's a mover and a shaker.
dave dyer & the crooked smile band.....
meet patsy cline.

canaday thomas

had been doing some theatre work in a recent production abou patsy cline.

all of these photos where done by paul cooper.
dave sells another tune.
the band played a strong mix of daves tunes and a few unusual covers.
she and pedal steel, all world musician allyn love connected through the nc symphony and the local art scene.
canaday has one amazing voice. she's strong, powerful, and totally fearless belting out some strong tunes.
it was cool to play the music and be part of her dead on renditions.
bernie petteway always in the pocket on tasty everything.
francis dyer groovin.
old..really old homeless guy.
allyn shootin me the stink eye for playing a fifth at the wrong time......the man is like a doggon musical bat.
nothing sneaks by him.
dave giving bernie and allyn a rest with a strong solo.
whenever, where ever the crooked smile band settles down behind's good music and a good time for all involved.
eye midnight
everyone had gone to bed except me....
i was on high rock lake with a camera and determined to get some decent photos. here's when i realized i needed to put the camera on a tripod and step back.
it was too dark and i jiggled a lot.
finally...after a few more i walked to the car and snatched the 'pod.
and then everything cleared up.
the moon came out and boaters were headed home...this was a 30 second exposure and the lights on a boat leave a trail of light.
i tried to run into the shot and use a little flashlight on myself for a few seconds then dash to another spot then dash again....
the possabilitys are endless.....i just need to get better at using the flashlight and not keep it on one spot too long.
a boat coming slowly past me....the ripples in the water.....real sparkly. all these are 30 second exposures.
i learned...after the fact...that i needed to stand still for the whole exposure as walking around bounced the deck....but some worked.
which will cause me to try this night stuff again.
be cool.......see you soon.
click on the image for a wide panorama shot from the deck at high rock lake at midnight easter weekend 2010.

unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



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