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emily gardenhire does a demo with mark mckee
she's been working for 10 years as a singer who has worked in dozens of plays both local and off broadway.
she's done tv work and movies...and still maintains a humble presense.
she's a very gifted singer..
..still in high school..
spiritual....sweet..and kind.
in the long run...young talent like emily...usually break out in public view in their 20s.....


and she's a prime candidate for success..
just wait....she's going places....she knows it and so do i.

student news

shannon bullis

just started on guitar. sings, does some acting...this will be easy.
she's got the best right hand fluid motion strum thing goin on...real smooth and natural.
she's showing real brain power as well.....see what i'm sayin...this will be easy. watch that smile.
chad crowley
eagle scout, crazy smart cool dude. into architecture in a large way..literature...and the occasional discussion about cosmology or philosophy.
plays well and is fine tuning some theory and feels my constant pressure to think about singing building. chad is another reason i never think about teaching as a job. this also.....will be easy.
new artist

alexander nicoll

he's been making it hard...
became an artist on bamboo music because of it.
he's pretty well known around school...peers to teachers have started to pay attention to him and his music.
he's going to be part of the shows soon and while singing is not yet part of his game yet....
watch out....ladys....justin beeber is toast.
she's a force of nature...
if you don't know about her will.
she's a dynamite singer and songwriter and has a performance thing goin on that rocks the house.
she's like working with a hot air ballon and trying to teather it to the ground...
you know where it's going eventually......
up and out...reilly garrett will make waves.
old's ally smith about 10 performing with rachel will at the old six string cafe and music hall in cary several years ago.
we're back........
at the six string.
we had a teen showcase there recently and packed the place.
we opened the show with meagan celii and...
charlie callaway.
she's smooth and cool...
and so is he.
more from both of them this summer.
cannon king crooned a few tunes
he's got a smooth vibe...
and a real charm on stage.
you'll hear more soon.
krista skopek gave them goosebumps with her singing.
she's got a souful connection she can channel and can really belt it out.
keep your ears open for more...
libby anderson
always makes it happen.
she's got on foot in the past for a classic rootsie feel and on firmly planted in the pop world with a voice to match.
she'll be slip slidin into the future.
carly stiver....wicked vocals for 12.
she and caroline cranked out a few tunes.
carly works with caroline
and me....and we really think big stuff is ahead for carly.
serious talent....really.
brian kirk...very serious talent.
he played two tunes with one on keyboard and gave the crowd a taste of what happens when work ethic and talent meet.
has a different yet classy style...that really works.
he's an elliot smith fan and covers the music like white on rice.
expect more...piano next time.
abby schull...dynamite everything.
she's got more talent than anyone needs....
and a showstopper attitude because she makes it look easy and fun.
all world talent.
he plays everything under the sun and has added vocals to his game.
and the band.
she's got the rock/pop voice style down pat.
really good singer who always brings the heat.
she's not shy and get's you to really believe in the music. she's working on guitar now so watch out.
and the band..sam bradburn...right...lead guitar...emily briggs to the left on rhythm and color...and lauren deal on bass.
jeremy did two of his original tunes and he's not only a good writer but a good showman.
he's got a great vibe going.
singer deborah kiserow
and guitarist/singer mckenna fellows
they did real justice to a couple of tunes...
mckenna has been singing really well of late...
and the dynamic duo seem to push each other a little...
and give each other makes for some awesome music.
emily gardenhire...
oh what a voice...
she's got some serious vocal chops.
she can give you goosebumps....
and be charming beyond all the talent.
we finished off the show with a fireworks display...
named reilly garrett.
she's a monster talent that really suprised the crowd.
amazing stage presence
...for someone just old enough to drive.
she's working with mark mckee on some new music.
reilly garrett...this young woman will make it up and out of keep track of her.
awesome job...

awesome buncha musicians.


awesome photos all by paul cooper.

awesome session...

a tribute jam to remember drummer/musician

david via.

the celebratory atmosphere reflected the personal and musical memory these cats all shared with david.
he passed away recently in tampa and the day brought a ton of talent together to speak volumes and exchange tonal platitudes for a fallen comrade.
igot there a little early to set up a video camera and a digital recorder. a lot of the musicians hadn't seen each other or worked together in a long time.
history.....myth meets local legend meets world class players and teachers.
some last minute arrangements worked out..
dudes started tuning up and getting jumpy....must be about start time.
so it goes..."da da dwada dwee dwaaa" right.....yea...!
more storys.....more memorys.
the event was being hosted by rodney marsh at his shop....
marsh woodwinds in raleigh. great place.
then...the game is on...
scott sawyer had a david via connection...played together for several years. they played soup to nuts and today....the blue plate special was jazz.
dan davis
is one of the areas best drummers and got the coveted seat to start up the session. he was a big fan of david via.
ben seawel on bass was a heavy hitter locally. came to town for the session from up north.
jack wilkins was part of the local jazz scene and part of the quartet back in the day.
he teaches down in florida and he and david held it together in the tampa bay area.
ed/eddie paolontonio has been such a local hero for so long it's hard to recall he moved here from new york years ago. piano, sings, swings like nobody else.
jim ketch
one of the areas true brainiack musicians who teaches and works 24/7 at keeping the music flowing and growing.
paul ingbretson...the man. the few storys i hear...he's the man.
gregg gelb sat in to pay his respects.
bill warren had/has deep ties to the local jazz scene and came back to town for the event.
louis deloatch...did a jazz tune with scott. she's the real deal...she's also a major player in local radio that supports and promotes jazz.
todd procter...super full of chops...a load of talent.
mike wadell chimed in.
throughout the day there were reflective moments when players would sometimes remember why they were there...
regardless....the band played on.
as a memorial service for a musician it was touching and inspirational. I got 8 tunes recorded on video and on my little digital recorder. great day...and all those people would agree.
dave dyer.....joins
mark mckee on a recording project.
dave has a series of new tunes that reflect his mellow side....
the tunes are gospel / hearfelt / christian / acoustic style and show a contrast to the wild man in him we all know and love.
we were trying a stripped down version of the group to keep it simple.
marks engineering skills and easy goin demeanor makes for a real smooth session.
dave makes friends everywhere.
bernie petteway shares an idea for a section.
when this is all done the artistry of musicians like bernie, dave, mark, and the rest of the band will really shine through on the project. music coming soon.
big mama e whips the boys into shape as she starts on the new cd project with a few afternoons doing scratch rhythm tracks.
the goal is to get the tempos dead on and the arrangements solid.
super goomba paul cooper is overseeing production on the project.
this band has been together for 15 years.
we still enjoy each other and love the music. olly roberts plays a key role.
nobody was sure who this guy was.
dan davis used the camera and is responsible for most of these photos.
it was cool to see the room from his perspective.
we knocked out 13 tunes in two afternoon sessions.
then......the process moves to drum tracks.
we used a friends studio in hillsborough to track the drums.
good acoustics and just enough room to get the kit and a dozen or so mics placed.
most recordings include more time listening that actual playing.....
there's a lot of detail that needs to be analyzed. it an ear.
dan is real easy to work with in the studio....
always thinking....always listening.
so....that part's done. the foundation is set for the whole project. more soon.
seasonal eye candy..
a brief nightime snow got me off the couch, away from the fire, and outside to experiment a little with the flash.
then a late night indoor version of spring.
sometimes cheap flowers bring the best spirit.
there's no reason to not have a little beauty around.
so...enjoy the season and hang loose for more music and eye stimulation next time.

unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



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