picture this


the sound of success


2 talents team up

2 make great music

picture this

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in this edition

the sound of success


student news


bme @ papa mojo's


bulldozer art


another one bites

the dust


changing of the guard


richmond under glass


eye candy


mark mckee

does knob tweaker

dutys along with

wearing his producer



ally smith

starts production on

her first cd


mark has grown his

studio chops and now

adds the skill to his

musical future.



ally has the boss watching

over her shoulder while

she tracks some

guitar parts.


somehow...the sound

goes in there...does

something magic...and

comes out with extra

sauce. sounds great.


most studio time is

used up while listening.


it's all about the ears man.


being able to hear

between the lines and

get a product out that

everyone is happy with.


ally has a vision, a

dream, an inner

drive that it takes 2

be anything

but she's super focused

on her music.


she rocks


no joke jamok

abby davis did her

first singing debut

in front of 1500

at 6.


bangs out left hand chops

and knocks out any melody

she hears with the right.

she played keys and

sang for a free banana

smoothie in a coffee shop

at 7.

mom and dad are

local big talent musicians

and it's in the blood as

they say.

guitar is going well.

she's got a tom petty

tune pretty well

done for an up-coming


and man is it fun!!

i've got her working on

the jumpin off the amp

move we all need to be

a true....rock star.

looks like she was

out clubing after a

late gig with the stamps

on her hand..

she's not shy...can ya tell?


emilee briggs


she's a bigtime tennis

player and for some

reason or other she

thought it was funny when

i told her i had a

monster serve.

uber bright..great mechanics..she'll crush this guitar thing..



cammi miller

has a head start on

all this. she's been

playing in public for about

a year.


she's a rocker in training

and recently played me

an original tune.


she'll make all this work.

keep an ear out for this



you can teach old dogs

new tricks.

paul cooper

has taken to guitar like

a water spaniel digs h2o.


he's been around music

most of his life and has

been a producer, a

nobtweaker, a sound man,

and a real supporter of

live music.


now...he's about to

unleash his style of music

onto the world stage.


...maybe not just yet.

he's a smart dude and is

still growing some

fingers...just wait.


jon glauser


got a cd out...has a ton

of talent and ideas for

the next one.

a good guy with an

interesting take on life.



from the

the sublime....he has a gift

for reading people.


be ready for some

great music...coming


larry lane....

there's a rockstar in

all of us.

super smart dude..

man of the world...

is taking up guitar and

seems to be all over it.

and if the rockstar life

doesn't pan out..

he makes the best

jelly and jams i've ever

tasted. i'm bankin on

a tour bus and bling

for him...he's got the

magic touch.

papa mojo's

one tiny stage

one big honkin band

big mama e

and the cool

rock the house.

photos by larry lane

it's such a cool room

but the glow emma has

shows you how hot the

night was..

we brought up the owner

mel melton...and had him

throwin down with the band

on harmonica.

the crowd was swingin.

they had to stop letting

people in it got so


our own papa mojo

dan davis

the venue is really

working to keep the

music quality high.


support them..we all

need the venue and the


dave dyer and friends

get some cultcha.

bulldozer art

at the nc museum of art.


we recently played

in the lobby for a

meet and greet before

a movie.


people got a taste of

highbrow along with

wine and cheese.


i took these right before

we started and the crowd



the museum has a gift

shop right off of the lobby.


you could spend an

hour browsing.


you should check it out

for special gifts for

special people.

touch someones heart

and mind at the same



the construction will be

finished soon...but walk

the walk and support the

arts. visit the nc museum

of art whenever you can.


shuckers closes the door

on an era. another music

venue takes a break.

hanging up their hats.

they had one final

blowout night of music

and all their friends

showed up.

tim martin...mixing drinks for the last day.

obie martin doing her

part to chat up a


they did it up right.

so he asked a few buds

to share the stage one

last time.

dave dyer has played

at shuckers about once

a month for 7 years.

i overheard a young guy

say he was taking the

traffic light for his room.


lotta sleepin goin on

there i'll bet.

a ton of memorys will

leave the room right before

the bulldozer hits it soon.

i asked this girl if the

food was good.


i sure hope that she means

yea....and isn't giving me

a gang sign to hit the


how true.

last time setting up gear.


allyn love checks

his stocks with his broker.

then in walks the

sherrif...the grand master

of tweak..the original

mr magic fingers.


bernie petteway

this band just doesn't

have enough fun.

patrick...last time, long

time. a good guy to have

behind any bar.

free food and beverage

always brings a smile

to the crooked smile band

minus 2.

photo by swedish guitar

jazz legend lars schvork

who just so happened to

be there.

as we packed up and

closed the door...

she dug the music and

gave me the okeedokee


the election results are in

and we're going to

the party!!

a family rolls into dc to

celebrate and witness

a little history.

thanks to larry lane

for all these cool photos.

the lanes...caught a bus

up to the inauguration.

big day...big event.

they attended

a few balls..


and dealt with bitter cold

weather and a rather

large crowd.



everyone will remember

this their entire lives.





boys will be boys.

it's one way to beat

the lines eh?


that's ex prez bush

leaving town in the



it was a big day.





at the end of the day

everyone was/is

hopeful for the future.

rolling into richmond


it was the same weekend

of the inaguration and

i was rolling through

richmond to do a family

thing outside of dc.

the air was bookoo chilly
the steam caught my eye.

so did this wacky bridge

system that frankly

scares me to imagine

driving on way.

i'd have to close my eyes.
i can hear screams..

it's so tall it's hard

to get a perspective.

i've been working on

speed settings and each

time i drive through here

i get a little bit better shots.

75 miles an hour doesn't

give you much time to


the last goal is to get a

shot ot the tower and

the brick building.




and now..for something

completely different


levon vs patsy

eye candy
you talkin to me? talkin to me?
flying high at the beach
on new years day.

i tend to try to be at the

beach to finish and start

the year. even on a chilly

and cloudy day...the

beach offers some cool


i talked a few kids into

tossing bread into the air

while i tried to snap some

bird pics.




i stood underneath and

tried the flash/no flash

thing and worked to keep

my lens clean.


now and then the birds

got a little hitchkockee

and i kept screaming

"stop acting like little

girls and throw the darn


money talks...i told them

union bread throwers get

$2.00 an hour. they told

that man to get back...they

were takin it to the bank.


here...birdy birdy......



i had an aunt...who saw

birds as some kinda

"sky rat" and would

be freakin right now like

she was gettin the creeps

lookin at spiders.


i just dig the grace

and moxy of these.


oh's right there


next year it's whole wheat.

honest...some dude ran

outside at midnight and

blew up a few.


happy new year...

and good luck out there.

we're in for a wild ride.


unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



copy rights 2009

ken weigand / bamboo music