picture this


music, art, and grins

at artsplosure

picture this

a feature of



chamber operatic

did their thing

for the



guess who

wanted to sit in?


hannah james

nikayla olson
a fan with a request

the girls do a mix

of originals and covers


and they have

big things ahead.


so do these two awesome


alec sturgis
nick scavo

both guys are songwriters,


and going places.


there was art



people and pets getting

to know each other.


with john brown

and his band


the back of

ray codrington.

dan davis
student news
sam bradburn
dynamite talent....

mr natural

great ears....real taste.

caroline deal

moved from cello to


also smooth, smart,

and talented.

seester of caroline.
lauren deal

plays bass and cheers

for the carolina


might just have the

makings of a band.


ian bultman


bright future here.


he's really moving

fast towards a musical



great attitude, great



he's an

easy goin dude

teddy mcdaniel
mr bass man
a solid and steady teddy.
bright, not shy kinda guy.

becca weisz

the 60's revisited

she's very quiet and shy..

yea right...wide open

and ready to become

a guitar player.


watch this face...and

stay tuned.

we hit the bigtime
north carolina
had a festival

i was playing there


dave dyer &

the crooked smile band


i had time before the

gig to shoot



if allyn is tuning up

it must be time for

me to drop the



i actually laid it down

near me and accidently

squeezed one..

and liked it.


cyril lance

did a gig at

the artscenter


he's got friends in

high places and

a passion for music

few ever achieve.


his daughter is

growing as a


dave mccraken


emma davis..big mama e

and steve clark


dan davis is drumming

away in the back

and steve jensen

is wailing on keys.


cyril is working on

a new cd project.


more soon.

a flight of fancy

a trip to indiana

by way of

the motor city

got me a few cool



the detroit airport

offered several fun things

to take a shot at


in a tunnel that took

us between


must have dropped

a few quid on this.


the lights changed

and the music

was dreamy.


finally...back home

in indiana.


the lake that "makes"

the town thrive.


i stayed with my

sister and kicked

back and chilled

for a few days.


we grew up in a small town

in ohio but this place has

the same vibe and feel.


and sister

has a lot of cool things



i rolled over and looked

at this each morning.


my sister is and

has a 'book-worm'

in her garden.


as i sat on her front porch

i took notice of a ton of

bikes roaming the streets

at 20mph

the city tavern

was anything but.


very, very expensive

and fine food.

hells angels
swamp thing
you make my heart sing

i got an unexpected

bonus for playing

a recent gig.

the place had a lake

that was beautiful.


i'd never seen

anything like it

in north carolina


use your inside voice

i had a brief visit

to a small, quiet

farm recently and

walked away

feeling relaxed

and at peace.


if you're under the age

of 18 you might

recognize the dude

who's the center of



hannah (r) is a new

student who skipped

a lesson to get this shot.


gotta love that.

eye candy

getting my shooting

chops together for



what's wrong with

this picture?

bring it on..
room with a view

a musician goomba

recently sent me some

of these and

i thought you

might enjoy them.


they're linked to larger



unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



copy rights 2008

ken weigand / bamboo music