picture this


the calm before

the storm

picture this

a feature of



super whacker.


stanton moore

is one mighty fine



he played in raleigh


i got to stand next to

the stage and focus

on photos.








i've got some great

hd video of 5 tunes

but it's way too big

to up-load.



student news
thomas sayabouth

guitar is his main

instrument......for now.


spirited...good looking..

fun. should make for

a super cool musician..

allison burnett

she's the young sister

of paul davis...a bamboo

music legendary singer


and as you can tell...has

her own agenda. she's

going to be one fine

player. watch this one.

meagan huntington

she's new but has a

super buddy that has been

with me for a few years.

her personality is just

what you see.....


fun, funny, funner....

should be fun making

music with this one.


meagan will rock.

jeremy tan

is already one of the

best male singers

i've ever worked with.


he's new but has an

amazing voice.

i'm excited about getting

him into the shows

so you can enjoy his voice.

jeremy tan...looks and

sounds like he might

have the "stuff" to make

a big move on the

music scene.

back at mr toads
oct showcase

peeps preppin for

another uber show

alec sturgis

kicked it off.

he's working on his

newest recording


coming soon


stay tuned.

meagan celii
she did several tunes

great voice...smooth

guitar player..

move over

hannah montana

abby schull

took the lead

and abby davis

and jenna sato

sat sail for fame and


we featured two new

young......7 y/o singers

doing some music they

really dig.

ally smith

took over on lead

vocal on this one

while abby wailed on


elly sato covered the

low end on bass.

jenna had her peeps

in the front row cheering

her on....while mommy

played bass.

i'm sort of "uncle ken"

to abby and have been

working with her on

piano and guitar.

i just about broke a grin

muscle watching these two

while trying to play guitar.

there's a dvd available

of the show and this

section is a grinner

for sure.

we/they/we all rocked

the house

carly stiver


caroline has been

teaching carly for awhile.


they both sing and play...

well.......real well.

it's all good.

awesome stuff.

speaking of awesome



maura johnson

has it.

she's got a great

range...a big toolbox

of technique...


and loves to sing.

special thanks

to mr paul cooper

for shooting all these

cool photos of the


and so does this

talented singer/songwriter.



libby anderson

she's on a writing streak.

she's got a lot to write

about.....just started

high school.

way more coming

alec sturgis

nick scavo

brian kirk


amazing jamm

nick scavo


talented in every


acts, does comedy, sings,

plays guitar, piano, and

almost everything else.

smart, world class dude.


oh...and i dig his music.

finally we came to

brian kirk.


a monster talent

with a huge future.

fully loaded...the works.


there's more music in

this one guy than most

anyone can imagine.

stay tuned for our next

showcase.....the first

sunday of each


large brain...large thoughts

and a musical treat for

any and all.

eye candy

i recently got to watch

a few minutes of

some trick riding.

i've been working on

my shutter speed stuff.






there's a fungus

among us.

someone pointed

out this odd beast

at a recent camping


then i saw these beautys.

i managed to find a view

for the grand opening

of the new raleigh

convention center.

these....smaller but just

as cool




finally...i hope you got

all you could handle

and freaked someone



unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



copy rights 2008

ken weigand / bamboo music