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will power..a local legend shares his musical gifts

will mcfarlane gives it his all...all day.


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i got to share the stage recently with will when big mama e & the cool did a show in chapel hill, nc.
will is a super fine musician in his own right...but has a claim to fame few in these parts can lay hands on.
he is joined by his wife of 30 years on stage.
their son is playing bass over her right shoulder. it's a family thing.
will is in the rock and roll hall of fame...he did a very long stint with bonnie raitt back in the day.
he's a great musician and entertainer. we can all learn a little by listening to his act as from top to bottom it's all class.
rachel on the block.
she's just become a fulltime student.
she's crankin out cake stuff getting her fingers in shape and the big plus is she already sings.
she's got a lot goin on in that 11 or 12 y/o brain...
and over the next few years you can expect some cool music from rachel.

reilly garrett

has something big to say

she's a serious contender for your musical dollar down the road...just around the corner.

click the pic for a tune.
seriously full of talent
and a super fun vibe
she's been writing songs all of her life....and is no joke.
she's learning to play guitar
already sings...
plays the pic and listen.
she's got it all goin on...
good sense of humor...
good work ethic....
ya don't have to threaten her about practice..
she trys to hold back the grin.....
but fails beautifully every time.
expect a ton of great music from this teenage super star....reilly garret.

a new voice..lots of style

click the pic for a listen

danny lia
danny is new with an old soul musical feel.
he plays a sings...
he can already pull it all off
he mugged this one for his friends
wait until you hear his original stuff...coming soon
kelly hilliard
plays the pic
and makes it all look and sound easy.
she works at burt music
and recently stopped in to play a little for me.
this is based on a melody that kept running through her head several mornings right when she woke up.
kelly will be featured here soon with more of her music....stay tuned.
it's that time of year...
the 4th of july in america.
big mama e & the cool played a set in carrboro, nc
before we played i got to walk around and check out the scene. these guys did an old angel.
click the pic and see if you can view the video. it's in an mpg format and sometimes windows media player needs an adjustment to know to play the file. try it...if the video doesn't work click this for the audio version.

shamalama dingdong

this was a huge doo-whop tune in it's day and these guys sell it with 'feel' and some sweet harmony.

kinda screams small town doesn't it?
and baby was it hot...
waiting for the sun to go down...
feeling pressure from some peeps who wanted the show to start...
patients is a virtue....but sparklers are way cool.
the festive event starts with smoke bombs...
make a small hissing noise...........
now go..'fushhhhhhhh..'
..keep it up... say fishhhhhhhhhh...
then it's spelling with sparklers time..
and casting spells.....
even big mama e
loves her some sparklers.
i think we're havin fun now.
time for the big stuff...........
the small gathering had a side story where some peeps brought south carolina fireworks which were pretty awesome..
and north carolinas version of the truth...a little less but certainly way cool.
please note the fire safety thing goin on with the bottle of water at the ready...just in case ya know...
..even more wishhhhhh
i was suprised to get as much...or as little...of this with the camera. i was just racking off shot after shot and dug the fact that the auto focus held onto the last gasp of the starburst.
back to the ground display.
i liked them....
i turned and got this last part of another south carolina boomer.
kids....don't do this at home. make your dad be the daredevil with the lighter and read the declaration of independence together as a family before you go outside and go nuts confusing your cones and making your iris muscles work overtime. beyond that i hope your 4th was as much fun as mine.
finally...balloon animals..
on steroids.
a friend included me on a forwarded e-mail chain and i don't know who to credit for these but they were so cool i had to show them off.
i could never even make a poodle let alone do some of this intricate work.
until next time...stay away from pins and needles.

unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



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