picture this


singing loud and proud


a family comes together to support each other and sing about it

picture this

a feature of



these kids came together from across the country to make a music video


sean charles

he's the lead singer. he's got 'cool' down, sings his heart out and fires up the group.

laydeez......the line starts behind his mom. a cupcake of a dude.
sean carlyle has the baritone layer
maura johnson, who's a super singer in her own right, shares a moment chattin up her brother.

here's maura with her cousin julianne

she came from california

she's got all the backup singer stuff covered.
claire did great and certainly brings a lot of pizazzz to the act.
yea man...the coolest.
maura kept the whole thing together vocally. awesome singer.
they're rehearsing for the red carpet walk and the paparazzi. lookin good!

visit the national

psoriasis foundation

sean charles is leading the song...the light in your eyes. the tune is by leanne rimes
that's timothy on the right and breanna is the tall one in the back. both made the video shoot and added their harmony to the mix.
american out.
keep your favorite charity in mind, keep smiling, donate some time or money. sing a lot...make makes everything better.
emily gardenhire

un-real pipes. make you cry pipes.



plays, sings....did i mention she has an awesome voice?

amazing vocal talent..

plays...started her first original tune recently...can cover 5-6 tunes uber smooth

she sings with a bunch of the touring broadway productions that come through the area. lots of poise...lotsa future.

davis kay is a rocker

he has rock star hair..a rock star smile...he's doing guitar lessons with mr brian it's a done deal.

he's a bright guy with a good approach to learning. he likes classic rock.

rock and roll buddy....he's gonna be a fine player..


jenna sato


sings her heart out about the struggles of life and being 8.

shes got a buncha talent
waiting to come out
she can knock out 1-4-5 chords while working a left hand bass line
sings loud, on pitch, and always seems to have great attitude

watch this face over the next few years

jenna has somethin goin on
one of the good guys
andrew glosson in a bad mood....
not really. i mean check him out...wide open. i had to count to three to try to get him to give me an attitude look....
ahh....dude with a 'tude.
andrew is working on guitar. he's working with brian kirk who's got the whole music and life thing covered so we're all good.
good guy...can't fail at music or life. stay tuned for more.
mckenna has a gift for finding 4 leaf clovers. she brought me this one and a 5 leaf clover on st patty day
she also has an artistic eye
she designed this logo for her schools mens lacrosse team
shes also a hockey freak and loves to play goalkeeper. she designed these masks
and this one for herself featuring her guitar and her favorite hockey team
oh yea...and she plays flute and piano and, as of a recent lesson, sings. oh yea...and straight az in school

raleighs new

convention center

big mama e

takes it downtown

emma and the cool

did a recent gig for the nc tourism board

everywhere you look

the building is way cool
it was a tad rainy



we had time to do a sound check before the gig


two cool guys
the place was heeyouugga
then the party started
all the local mascots came out to play
and chill
it's a first for me having a big stuffed animal sharing the mic . idug the shoes
and sing and dance
crakin up emma
mike's into it
dan davis
olly roberts wondering what i'm doing
mike edwards fakeing his heart out
i'd pulled out the video camera on stage.
i come in after the first verse on bass and decided to try to get a moment of tape
olly's thinking...dude...
really...what are you doing?
so...we had a blast in a very cool place.


dinner for 6


big mama e takes the boys out to dinner before the gig


the band had an hour to kill

so we ate sushi
discussed band stuff

i wandered around


waiting for sushi




chow time


olly just got back from a trip to nepal


try this place in downtown raleigh some time..very cool

so..that's what bands do. eat up...then go work out the brain for a few hours.

they're they're they're closed.

not really.

burt music goes backdoor to stay afloat.

it's moved into a warehouse space around the back next to the teaching studios.


same helpful staff
same gear
tons 'o guitars
they have everything
everything covered
jason anderson keeps
burt music fine tuned
keep is king

it's never too late to start to play an instrument or buff up your old rusty chops.

david dyer and the crooked smile band get their mojo on



a month or so back we did our first gig at papa mojos



ed butler sat in...lucky us.
dr love...allyn love is tuning up the beast


the man...david dyer


bernie petteway preps his flame thrower

big mel melton of wicked mojo fame and food master and owner of the venue.

here's dave an allyn enjoying dinner before the gig.

dave is telling allyn that they are eating a special part of an alligator....

allyn is thinking about it...

david tells storys just to see peoples reaction..

ooopps....not that part please....can't swallow..uhoh



anyway..visit the place as the band can vouch for great food and great music

teenage angst
libby anderson is a singer and songwriter who also seems to be able to handle a camera
she seemed not happy with me shooting her so i gave her the rig for awhile
we had met near downtown raleigh and she enjoyed the sites
her father was just told he's going to perform at the upcoming adult showcase and he's freakin and lookin for the exit.
gotta love a creative and smart kid. go libby
ohh...that's the glare that means get out of my face photo boy. or does it mean why did you take the camera away from me photo boy...or does it mean oh no...i have that math project to finish when i get home?
i'm working on something with my lava lamp...
i won't hit you with it now but i'll figure things out soon and post a bunch.

spring means easter and abby davis means business

especially with egg decorations

little sister mollys version
and big mama e even digs the season
beeutiful spring
i spent easter weekend at a lake in virginia
the pace was slow...
livin was easy.
needless to say i took a ton of photos
i'm working on my macro stuff. closeups..details. it's a whole new ballgame for me. it takes more skill than i have right now so...i tried and tried.
i decided to get close to nature......
cropped up close fly
wow...what was that...
i almost got this guy flying past me..
ohh's bee city
i like his fuzzy back hair.
i can get about 4-5 inches away with this specific lens
and if i could hold the camera still enough i can get some detail
check out the little hooked feet and the pollen on it's face
it was odd trying to shut down my normal fear to get this close. bees were buzzing all around me and they move out of focus faster than my auto focus can handle.
now and then it worked sees me.
he's angry...gotta go
so...happy spring. winter is gone....enjoy the memory of chilly weather.
finally....we had a snow in late feb that started about midnight.
i was up and about 2:30am decided to venture out and try some shooting.
there's not a lot of light and street lamps give an odd glow and color to the shots



it's amazing how much light there is if you can slow down the shutter and zen yourself into a steady hand

cary parkway at 2:30am
these three trees caught my eye.


i drive by them every day and they never looked more interesting to me than this time


the whole time i'm kinda freakin about the wet snow and my camera.
but...ya gotta try things and the camera is okeedokee

say goodby to winter and hello to hot. enjoy.


unless noted or really obvious

all photos by ken weigand



copy rights 2009

ken weigand / bamboo music